Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Why are you doing this?"

"Oh for god's sake. Give it up. This is just crap. Do you really think it is what people want to read? Why are you doing this?"

This was the anonymous lament that was posted on my piece:

And this is my answer.

Because not every damn thing is ABOUT YOU! That post is a piece of creative writing prompted by a picture sent to me by an old dear friend as a joke. You remember jokes don't you? And fiction? Yes, there are probably points that resonated, but hey - why the hell were you even on my blog? Trying to find more things to lie and try to cause trouble about? What I find so very ironic is that this is terminology that I have used for decades, and yet YOU chose to use those exact phrases to try and hurt me when your gloves came off. Remember we joked about t-shirts for my 45th? And how you laughed because you had never HEARD of those expressions? The same expressions you STOLE to try and get at me? Yes, I did realise exactly what that printout on the fridge that day was meant to do, sadly for you it failed. All it ended up doing was to open my eyes as to what a dull, unoriginal, immature person you are.

I was going to leave this. I was not going here again as I was free and clear and happy. I had not published that comment because you are one of the most pitiful, attention seeking people I have ever had the misfortune to know. But then you had to do it, didn't you? You know what I refer to. 
You see, it is not as it was when you were lying, manipulating, and attacking me. You really stuffed up this time. There are now many of us who see you for what you are. We compare notes and it is easy to follow the trail of falsehood when you don't even keep the story straight. The crocodile tears and the poor defenceless me act doesn't work when the audience knows all it is is just a bad performance.
I pity you, I really do. I once wondered if you really were delusional enough to believe the bull you spread, thought maybe you were so caught up in playing the victim you had convinced yourself your falsehoods were truth. I actually would have been willing to talk it all out in those days. Not any more. Not since your attacks involved my husband and my children, not since it became an attempt to destroy me and who I am. Especially as the pattern of deceit is now obvious.

Guess what? I know you lied to your own husband because he was still polite and friendly with me. Saying I was telling people he tried to crack on to me? Pfft - what a load of bull... but you needed to make him so uncomfortable he could not face me, didn't you?  Poor man. Not to mention all the other accusations you made up about me. The so-called attacks, the things I allegedly said. You must know it was only you and your lies, always you. Or are you so delusional that your twisted crap has become your reality?

But people like you get found out. The bullshit flows and flows until it is a flood of fabrication totally beyond your control.  You get so caught up in your tangled web of manipulation, accusations and possessiveness you forget you could lose.You try childish ultimatums, thinking only of winning, and then fall in shock when it all blows apart in your face. And all untruths lose power once they are revealed. Unmasked.

I have to wonder what the people you spill your bile to think? Do they worry: "If she is saying this to me about them, what is she saying to them about me?" They should. Yet I know it took a long time before I did. Friends should never destroy others like this.

Didn't anyone ever tell you that you don't say such horrible things about people you supposedly care about? 

I wonder if Eeyore (whom you  so named) knows you tell people you don't really like her but inherited her? Does she know you mock and ignore her when she calls? As for telling my lovely, trustworthy, truthful friend that I had called one of your best friends a stalker... Hah - Eeyore, one of your best friends? You don't even like her! Someone you have no time for? Um yes, I did call her a stalker but she is not dangerous, merely sad. Oh, and don't you remember YOU were the one telling me of her obsession with me? The fact all she could talk about to her psych was me? Forget that bit, did you? Or were you so busy using her as a puppet to do your bidding of late that it slipped your mind? Hell, with you as a so-called friend, who needs enemies? Poor sad Eeyore.

Now though, now you gambled and tried to hurt so many others. But the thing about gambling is the risk of losing, and you now have. All gone - your house of cards built on untruths has finally toppled.  

But don't worry about us. You are not what is focused on. It is only when you attempt your nasty, childish games that you are mentioned. And even then my advice is to ignore the behaviour, just as you would a petulant child. Most days you are not even a fleeting thought.

As you said to a friend: "So that's it then?" Yes. It is. Bazinga. Done.

For those reading this, if you haven't read of the horror of this experience and the one about whom I am talking then go to:
Apologies for the rant, but it needed to be told. Honestly, how disgusting to do this again and again and again.


Leanne said...

That's a great rant MM. Aren't blogs wonderful!! You go girl. Get it out. In the meantime I'm off to read all about it .... (got my cuppa in hand)
Happy Wednesday my cyber friend. I hope yours is now a little bit lighter ...

Leanne said...

I just backtracked and read it all. Wow! You've been living in hell MM. I hope you get some peace soon.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Cathy

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome rant,please can I borrow it..Hope you are all well up the mountain. My house got broken into the other day, by an ex friend.They took my Great grandparents jewelry.So my dear I really really get your vent.Love Belinda..down the mountain.