Friday, March 18, 2011

Word Verification Waffle.

Am I the only one who finds some of these hilarious? The only one with a warped mind?

The latest one on my last comment (DFF - all your fault!):

Kenclap: something Ken desperately does not want Barbie to find out about...


Leanne said...


The one I got this morning was "exity".

Mills and Boon style:
"What happened to the girl he fell in love with? He felt he was losing her. He pulled away from their embrace, she seemed withdrawn, she was definitely becoming exity ..."

Or wife to husband in angry state: "Get your arse in here and help me with the kids. Don't even think about going all exity on me!!"

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I love word verification - always gives me a giggle. I turned mine off for a day and got Spam comments, and then realised that I actually miss the little buggers. Can't wait to see what blogger throws at me today.

Alex said...

Ba ha ha ha! I always get really dirty words. I turned mine off ages ago and would love some spammy comments. Give me SPAM!

Kakka said...

Where do you get these photos - OMG I am laughing so much tears are falling. There sure are some weird and wonderful verifications that come up. xxx