Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AusMummyBlogCon Vs Australian Bloggers Festival

Most of you would be sitting back watching the territorial shit fight unfold over the web. AusBlogCon (which has now announced it will downscale and only concentrate on Mummy Bloggers for the next one) and the new kid on the block, the Australian Bloggers Festival (which will from now on be affectionately known as AusBlogFes).

Now I didn't attend ABC this year, and whilst I am hearing lots of glowing reports in posts I am also hearing voices of dissent and disappointment. Always the case in any big function - you can't please all of the kids all of the time. I am not going to comment as I WAS NOT THERE, and this is something a lot of others need to keep in mind. Hearsay is not admissable in a court of law and in the real world it is called GOSSIP. As a lovely lady once told me: "If you aren't part of the problem, nor part of the solution: ZIP IT!"

It is not some sort of blogging bitch fight and those who wish to make it such have greatly dropped in my impression of them. For me, I do not see myself as a "Mummy Blogger", I am a mother who blogs and my scope is so much broader than the bounds of motherhood. It is why I am a member of so many diverse blogging groups (-> see sidebar), it is why I have four blogs.

So for ME the AusBlogFest is going to suit far more, and I know many others who will fit this group far better, as basically some are:
(1) Men
(2) Not mothers.

Lastly - for fuck's sake GROW UP and start acting like adults instead of the children you mother! Some of the comments have amazed me - from both sides. It really is not the way to win friends and influence people. JMHO.

Disclaimer: This is NOT aimed at the organisers but rather some of the comments I am reading in various places.


Kakka said...

Interesting post, I have missed all the upheaval obviously - and I am glad. The one post I did read from a blogger who attended but didn't feel they fit the niche was a well rounded, polite and well thought out post. My suggestion to them was to put their hand up for the committee for the next one - as you say be part of the solution.

I'm looking forward to attending both events next year.

Leanne said...

Oh Wow. I've missed all that. Luckily. People are obviously getting quite emotional? I might avoid the posts to avoid getting agitated.

I didn't go to the Aussie Blog Conference, nor have I heard of th Aussie Blog Festival. But I would like to go to one. Either one. One day. One that I can relate to as a mother, writer, business owner, wife, daughter, cheer coach, author ... blogger. I'm with you. Being a Mummy that blogs is a very small part of who I am and why I blog.

Hey, I might run my own conference! For those who are fit and fabulous at 40(ish). Now there's an idea ...

Does there have to be a competition? Can't the conferencing world just create together (even if separately) rather than compete against each other? Hmmm.

Oh well, it does make one point clear ... blogging is big!

Keep me posted :)

Colin 'The Original SuperParent' Wee said...

That's an interesting post. For one who has attended AusBlogCon2011 and who isn't female - I must say I absolutely enjoyed the conference and got more than I wanted from it. AMB for me has always been about friendships and networking. Throw in some candid feedback, discussions of issues that I face, and highlights from the year ... and wow, the entire conference just blew my mind! Doesn't matter if I'm not a mummy per se - I'm even more of a convert to AMB now than I ever was before. This is not to say that another blogging festival or convention is not welcomed. Certainly having a specific (AMB) v general (ABF) focus is great for everyone. There is however wisdom in proceeding delicately and ensuring that both events can draw the right demand. It would be a shame to have ticket sales drop by half if competition is not managed quite so well. Good post. Cheers, COlin

Melissa said...

So Tan, are you thinking of going to either next year?

Madmother said...

The festival. I think the other is too narrow in scope for what my blog is.

But like everything it depends on timing.

Madmother said...

Psst Leanne - I'd come to any conference you ran!

We can have our own mini conference when we meet.

Suz said...

I just hope the brilliance of blogging doesnt get bogged down in this kind of politicking.....yucky!
Great post :)