Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh Dear Lord.

Today was meant to be a day spent with my partner in life, my husband.

The first day after the school holidays, the day school went back.

Dropped both boys, went and had brekky together, found message on mobile on return to the car (yes, I should have taken it with me).

Boy 1 frantically calling, trying to find one of us (Big Boy had left his mobile at home charging) to tell THERE WAS NO SCHOOL UNTIL TOMORROW!

Whoops, parenting fail. But hell, you know, every other school on the planet, including Boy 2's, WENT BACK TODAY!

So off we trot to humbly pick up our child. Our son, who thought it hilarious we had stuffed it so badly. Our son, who once upon a time, would have been in massive meltdown mode for hours because of this.

Our son, who came home, got changed, and happily came down the coast with us.

Where, in one of the shops, a lovely lady who meant no harm spoke of her teacher husband and dealing with these kids. You know, these autistic ones with PROBLEMS and ISSUES and as much as she meant NO HARM, it was really quite harmful to hear, and listen to her condescending words.

Ignorance still runs rampant in this world... Next time I just may comment about how lucky it is for someone like her not to have to worry about their level of intellect or any real challenges in her sweet little shop job.

Yeah, ignorance is not pretty to deal with.