Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, although there were rumbles of next time, Muse Wars once again fell on its arse with only my self and the talented Ms Kakka fronting up to enter. I leave it to her to decide if she wishes to take a leap of faith and post Challenge 2. From the lack of comments on the posts I can only assume it was not to people's standards.

The traffic on my blog has slowed again also. Only around fifty individual visits a day. Is it a bit scary that the more I post the less people seem to come? Lol. If you post, they will run...

I also have several posts drifting around in my drafts folder. These are posts prompted by others, some from blogs, some from life, and I just don't know if I'll ever publish them.

And the Qld Blogger's Meet is this Saturday! What do I wear? Will my depleted energy levels be back up to standard? Will they like me? Nah, scrap the last one. They'll either love me or hate me, neither of which I can control.

We are all still feeling a bit *meh* after the week long quarantine. Hopefully we will all be feeling like normal soon. Don't like being sick, especially this sick.

Also means I am missing out on a lovely dinner this Friday, not only because I am still a little fragile (and if I went Friday I'd not make Saturday), but also as both boys have friends over for a sleepover. Which has been postponed for the last fortnight due to lurginess. And of course the dreaded finances play a part in it too because it is a flash local restaurant renowned for great food but the prices are a bit ouchie.

Lovely to be invited, though. And it certainly boosts the ego to be sorely missed (which I have been told I will be. And not just by my partner in drinking crime. Though she said it too. Just hope she doesn't decide to jog home five kms in high heels this time. Cause I'd hate to miss that).

So, sorry, bit of a fizzle this week. Life just toddling on as the world spins.


cjtato said...

Or maybe everybody's reading but then there's that little annoying voice that screams "Muuuuum" just as we're about to type comments. Bwahahahaha

Happens to me all the time. I find the more blogs I follow, the harder it is to find the time to leave a comment and that's if I'm lucky enough to have read them all too.

Hope you're feeling fantastic by week's end!

Kakka said...

Not sure whether to give it another go, have a photo at the ready, but do I flog a dead horse. I'll make a decision by the weekend. Hope you continue to be on the mend, wish I lived in Qld so I could come to the blogger's meet up, so many people who I hoped were going to the Sydney one, now are not going - oh well, such is life. xxxx