Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Weak That Was...

Hell of a weak week, let me tell you.

Sunday I succumbed to a migraine. Not the doozy tommy-whacker ones of my past, but rather a distant cousin. Still extremely debilitating complete with fuzzy vision, nausea, boombox throbbing temple, but not quite the major league three to five day darkened room heavy drugs type I suffered in my twenties. I was up and functioning the next day, something I could not do even with the masses of painkillers I consumed back in them days. Dosed up but do-able I guess would be how I describe this one.

Now, the amount of wine consumed on a social Saturday night could well have contributed to this onslaught, but truthfully, it was not anymore than I do normally drink on a night out. Usually I am up and bouncing the next day with no repercussions. So why? Why now? Why this time?

Well, last week was an *ahem* unusual week to say the least. Some things re-surfaced which were unexpected, and the repercussions really caught me off guard.

Situation one came up when a friend asked me if it could possibly be me the drop-me-like-a-hot-potato former friend was referring to when telling people she was being targeted by a nasty mother at the school. I laughed. Seriously I did. "Come on, no way" was my immediate response. I haven't spoken to her in three months, couldn't be me she was referring to, just not possible. I mean, who dropped who? The only references to her even here have been silly, soppy, miss the friendship sort of stuff, surely that couldn't be perceived as an attack?

Well, you guessed it, another friend who she went crying to confirmed it.
Yeah, me apparently. Normally I would have been really upset by this unjustified accusation, but the fact that both of these people saw right through her little tactic straight away took away the sting.

Then a different person brought to my attention that the stalker had been back up to her old tricks. Luckily, even though it was only discovered by the friend now, it was way back in December when the computer illiterate obsessed one set up a Twitter account and then instead of searching for me in find people typed in my name as a comment. You have to laugh really, I mean how embarrassing, trying to stalk someone and there for all to see is your name and the victim's name in full proof of your obsession. Funny, but still creepy.

Situation three was an old stuff up rearing its ugly head. One I was guilty of. Mea culpa. I opened my big mouth in such an innappropriate situation many moons back. Nearly three years ago now. I still stand by my words, but my timing sucked, and to be honest it really was none of my business. As they say, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. I hurt and lost a good friend over my actions, no less than I deserved. Yes, I did apologise, but it seems anger and guilt have festered over the interim period and I have become the focus of this couple's hatred. So much so that a comment was written in a document pertaining to children's sport. It has done them no favours, sadly. I had no idea until asked (again, this week) what on earth it was all about. More to the point, people (and a lot of parents in this community have seen this written in the openly public book) are assuming the worst of the couple, and making incorrect judgements on the situation. I certainly have made sure the ones who have asked me know how wrong they are. But this is a small town and rumours and chinese whispers run rampant. To be honest, I am not only floored by the strength of their emotion but also by their stupidity in putting it out there. Surely if they are happy with their life they would not be overeacting to such a degree? I am relieved it has not really impacted us, but sad that it has certainly coloured others' perception of their situation. However I cannot change it, and just had to let it go. Again.

All in one week! Is it any wonder, no matter how much easier I found it to let the universe take care of it all this time, that I ended up with a brain short-fuse on Sunday?

Oh well, upwards and onwards my friends. Headache is still a dull throb at the base of my skull, but I'm sure it will feel better once they stop sticking the pins in!


Melissa said...

I'm sad that it's been such a horrid week, and that you're still having trouble with these people, Tanya.

I hope that this one is better for you. I hope that you have good people around you.

Kakka said...

Crappy week, makes me sort of glad I live in a big city and don't talk to anyone anymore (as in neighbours). Hope your headache eases even more today and that this week is full of great things.

Kellyansapansa said...

Grrr, what an awful sequence of events. Please remember that the petty actions of others are no reflection on you. xx

E. said...

I'm sorry that your sucky week ended up with a migraine.

I hope things improve for you and the people get over themsleves.

Madmother said...

I am fine, seriously. I know I have done nothing wrong and funnily, karma is taking care of it all. True natures are being revealed, and now it is NOT me who is the topic but the people who have tried to make it about me, lol.

It is just when you think life is running smoothly the Gods decided to give you a jolt. This jolt happened to hit me fair in the temple...

Jen said...

Hooley Dooley what a doozey of a week to cop! I hope that the headache goes away very soon. How wonderful that all things they have done to hurt you has actually shown the true them, yay to sitting back and watching train wrecks that they hoped to involve you in :)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh MM, you poor thing - what a week! Onwards and upwards x