Monday, February 8, 2010

Awards, Counters and The General Lightness of Blogging...

Yes, yes, I know I have been remiss in accepting this one that Kakka over at The Half Full Glass bestowed, so the Gods that be gave me a swift reminder kick up the proverbial. Ooops, sorry not Gods, but Wendy over at W.M. Morrell's Musing's from Down Under .

Now, the terms of accepting this one are that I need to list ten things that make me happy. Easy, right? Ah, maybe...

  1. The obvious starting point: my family. Never again will I ever take this gift for granted after coming so close to losing Wise Woman last year. I know some would say I am an unreasonable woman for wanting her to live longer as she turned 90 last October, but she is my Mum and whilst her quality of life is as wonderful as it is now... Oh, hell, this wasn't meant to be a novel, let's just say I now appreciate every minute. NEXT!
  2. Another blatantly apparent one: my friends. I think 2009 was to teach me what true friendship is about. Whilst it was a painful lesson it was also a worthy one as so many of my wonderful friends stepped up to support me. I thank each and every one of them, new and old.
  3. Following on from previous post: Girls nights out!
  4. Now these will go in any old random order from this point - as I think of them. My beautiful cat Flower. It has been years since I had a pet of my own and she is gorgeous and adores me unconditionally.
  5. Skating! No, not ice skating, brrrr, too icy for the fiery one. No - I am talking about ROLLER SKATING. See here for more details.
  6. Comments! Every blogger knows comments make you soooooo happy!
  7. Reading. Wise Woman often brings up my reading obsession. I learnt to read at not quite four years of age, and from that point on it was nigh on impossible to get a book out of my hand. When reading was banned at the table (rightly so) I would read the back of the cereal packet. WW gave in around 3 months later when I started dictating the ingredients of each type before I would choose one.
  8. Alone time. Once, before children... actually before Big Boy even, I had the luxury of closing the door on my inner city terrace, turning on the answering machine and shutting out the world for days at a time. Now, of course, this is a rare indulgence. On my few days off I fit in catching up with friends, appointments, grocery shopping, duties for Wise Woman, time with aforementioned Wise Woman (always a true pleasure), and so on. I now feel guilty if I stop. When I do somehow manically juggle responsibilities to avoid my conscience kicking me in the head it is a wonderful experience.
  9. Head massages, you know - the kind you get at the hairdresser. Oh hell, stuff it - all massages! Oh, but the relaxing kind not that masochismic deep painful stuff.
  10. Last but not least, dancing to a good rock band. I love to dance, even if I have a few more jiggly bits than in my wild youth.

Now I have to pass this on. My problem here is that so many of these awards have already done the rounds, so if I double up for a few people, please forgive me.

To the blogs which make me smile on a regular basis:


And as for the great counter fiasco? Well, at least I'm not alone. Sally over at a blog by any other name... is having the same trouble!


Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...


I love posts that dish a little dirt :)

Nice to get to know you better.

Epskee said...

Ah teh internets - so good when it works, so sucky when it doesn't.

And hooray for #8! Even if i may have forgotten what thats like, I at least remember it was good!

Lori said...

Alone time.. I vaguely remember that...