Saturday, March 27, 2010

Letting Out The Inner Bitch

Hell, I know she comes out for exercise on a fairly regular basis but she screams so friggin loud if I don't. And to be honest she isn't too bad at the moment (not up to the regular cycle week of scariness here yet), and has retained the ability to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Dribs and drabs of the small town madness are getting let loose, it seems. Full moon? No idea but I think not, more like victim mentality at its finest. An innocent comment, taken, twisted and transformed into a personal attack. Some people have way too little self-esteem and far too much of a persecution complex.

Arrgghhh - why is it some people take such pleasure in building their lives on this petty crap? What amuses me even further is the accusation I have been making digs at her online. I can only assume she means here, and sadly the only comments prior to this latest self-perpetuated drama of her imagination were the aforementioned soppy, where is my friend and what have I done pathetic posts. Friggit - go back and read you silly little girl, where in hell did I attack you? In fact in this whole dramatic process YOU have led the assault EVERY time. Oh, and I love the blaming my deleting you from facebook reason for the end of the friendship. I deleted you in January, the ice princess act started in September, I tried for  FIVE months to keep the friendship, and only deleted you when some of your alleged comments came back to me. As I could not ask you I had to believe, with the below zero freeze out, they were true. Oh, and you blocked me you stupid, stupid woman. I just culled you along with many for multitudes of reasons.

You know what? Most of us have far more pressing issues to address in our lives than to deal with your paranoia. Keep out of my life, stop making up these ridiculous stories (they really are doing you no good, in fact more people seem to be getting your number with each episode), and grow the fuck up.

Must admit, the more shit, the less I miss the so-called friendship and the greater the gratitude of being free of it all. What is even sadder is that a second close friend has now told me what a nasty, spiteful person I had morphed into with this friendship. What can you say when someone says : "Welcome back" and you weren't even aware your true self had vanished?

Ah, that's better. Rant over. Bitch back in her box.

Oh, and if anyone here wants to have some decency and come and ask about these chinese whispers please do. It is what real friends and grownups do. It's called communicating.


Lori said...

Eh? Wow, there's drama in the blogosphere... i am so head in the clouds.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Rant-away, girl!!

kbxmas said...

Full moon = April 5th. Drama = bad for the soul. Insecure, drama friends are just energy siphons. I like the bitch in the box photo.

Fe said...

I'm with you. Life is way too short.

Btw.. I have an ex-husband I'd like her to meet ;)

Being Me said...

Ikes. It's such an energy drain. What a drag. Glad to hear for your sake that you're free of it. Moving right along... :)

KateJ said...

Don't stay in the box for too long......I've been there for over a year now, and am still just peeking back out! I wouldn't still be friends with you after 40 years if you weren't one in a lifetime...and I'll stand on any soapbox and say it!xx