Friday, March 18, 2011

FYBF - Autism Soapbox Time

I read a phrase a minute ago which resonated powerfully. Well, actually I misread a phrase, but I'm running with it anyway.

Diagnosis paralysis.

You know, that overwhelming feeling of "what the fuck?" which hits when you receive the final verdict. Now this feeling is not limited to those with children on the autism spectrum, no. It is a state of limbo all experience with any serious diagnosis - it can be a special need, an illness, a prognosis or a condition. Frozen in ineffectiveness. A state of suspension, similar to the feeling when you wake in the midst of a dream of falling. Weightlessness and fear. Stunned, stopped, struggling to comprehend a new, usually unexpected to some degree, reality.

Diagnosis paralysis.

We all have or will experience it at sometime with someone in our lives. Be it the quirky child you thought was merely eccentique, the close relative whose aches and pains turn out to be something far more insidious than mere aging, or the friend (whose socially engorged lifestyle you envy as you sit waist deep in nappies) who reveals the hidden agony of infertility. The earth falls away  and you sit trapped in "What? How? Why? WHAT?"

Diagnosis paralysis.

Sometimes we just need to process not progress.

Happy FYBF - Have a great time ABCers!


Marita said...

Even when I'm certain what the diagnosis will be, there is still that moment of shock and paralysis.

Tracy said...

Perfect way to describe the feeling, I think you misread the phrase perfectly. It was exactly how I felt when my son was diagnosed with diabetes and I still experience it now 10 years later when overwhelmed.

Leanne said...

Yep. Yep. Yep. I hear ya ...
** big sigh **
Diagnosis Paralysis

MaidInAustralia said...

Very true. Life can suck unfortunately!

Marthese said...

Yes we all have moments where we realize we are not alone..going through dramas..each and every one of us has to cope with something or another..even the ones that seem to glow with radiance


Madmother said...

I think this is fast becoming a favoured phrase in this part of the world.

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

That moment between 'WTF?' and 'What do we do about it?' where life itself seems to stop still are bizarre. So many thoughts racing through the mind and none at the same time. I'm lucky enough to have only experienced it twice, once with my son's diagnosis and once with my dad's.