Friday, July 13, 2012

mUSE wARS rEVIVAL eDITION # 1 - The Watcher

He sat, hidden deep within the undergrowth. Not a breath nor hint of movement to give him away. Waiting, watching.

He knew she would be back. He was patient. It did not matter how long she took, or how cold it was, he would wait. She was worth it. Patience is a virtue his mother always said. She also said he was not as useless as he looked, or as stupid as he appeared. Her last words to him were along the lines of manning up and growing some balls. He wished she could see him now. She would have to eat those words if she could see him now.

The quiet made his head hurt, but it was better than the voices jabbering in his ear as they sometimes did. Quiet could be good, it helped him focus, leave the doubts of his duty, nay worthiness, behind. Away. Not here. Not now.

He allowed himself a moment to look around. The ruins suited this task, were appropriate for the job at hand. Old, deserted, desecrated, forlorn. Forgotten. Forsaken. And isolated. No random passersby, no unexpected witnesses to interfere in the operation. No messiness to clean up or unintended victims to remove. Messiness was terribly unpleasant.

The evening breeze briefly rustled the trees around him, lingering slightly to tease his short hair and brush the leaves across his face in a brief caress. He tentatively stretched his legs, careful not to breach his cover but aware that circulation must be maintained for swift movement the moment it was required.

A noise brought his attention back to the broken walls, something new, something not belonging. Her. He froze, hidden deep within the leafy green, invisible.

She swiftly entered his line of vision, caution forgotten as she seemed to assume this place was safe. Isolated, forgotten, a secret site not known to others. A haven from the outside world. A haven that had been breached, though she was blissfully unaware of the intruder. She dropped the limp satchel from her shoulder, sighed, stretched, pushing her perfect breasts taught against the tight shirt she wore.

He watched, relishing the display. Crouching, still, silent, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. His moment. The voices awoke breaking the solitude, intruding on this, his moment. He hated the voices, the conflict they aroused...

"Move in, get her."
"Hold, be patient."
"Don't let her get away."
"Go, go GO!"

Unaware, she bent and picked the fragrant stalks, humming some pretty tune under her breath, she tucked them into her bag. Slowly, methodically, the bag filled. Slowly, tantalisingly, she came closer and closer to his hiding place, her bag now overflowing with the perfumed plants.

"GO,GO, GO!"

He leapt from the bushes, grabbing, twisting her arms to hold, to lock her within his steely embrace.

Her scream echoed uselessly around the ruins. This place had been chosen with care, there was no help, there was no hope. Her voice quietened, then died.

The voices were here.

"Jacqui Tremont you are under arrest for the cultivation and sale of marijuana. You do not have to say anything, but anything you say may be taken down and used against you in a court of law..."

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Muse Wars - The Remix - Part 1

Once upon a time there were three little girls who went to the police academy... whoops, sorry. Channelling Charlie's Angels for a minute there.

But once upon a time there were a group of bloggers who participated in a linky of short story posts. Created by Melissa, it was coined "Muse Wars" by moi, yes Madmother copyright peoples, and after 7 or 8 runs it fizzled into the either. Attempted revivals by MM failed a couple of times and then at a blog conference a discussion with the lovely Lori of RRSAHM has resulted in another run.

The gist is this:
* See photo
* Write story (up to 1000 words)
* Linke before it closes on July 27th.

Not sure if Lori is going to continue with the old routine of first to link gets to post and host next photo/linky?

Photo for revival Muse Wars #1:

Will post this then add linky in later for those who wish to join.

Happy writing!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on The ASD Ride...

A woman walks into a supermarket.

Bumps into a woman who had cared for her child in a Long Day Care Centre many moons back. Woman asks, "So, how is Boy 1 doing?"

The first woman says "Excellent, doing wonderfully well at High School (this was before reports released and she learnt just HOW wonderfully well said child was doing), and has submitted a childrens' book to Penguin."

Second woman beams, and replies "I always knew he would do incredible things, he just had that aura about him."

They part, first woman walks off with husband who looks bemused and asks, "Did she?"

Woman one giggles quietly, looks around and states, "Oh, I'm sure she did. Which is why she isolated him, berated him and generally made him feel boxed in. And why I requested politely to the Director that she was removed from contact with him, or changed her tune quick smart. Shame she left so suddenly."

This was the person my little boy had nightmares about. The one the then four year old told me had "shoved me in a box Mummy, but I didn't fit. So she kept pushing me in until she could shut the lid."

How they forget. But mothers have a long memory, especially mothers who have had to fight tooth and nail for things that NEVER should have to be fought for.

Don't think I will be sending her that signed first edition. Don't think so at all.