Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Karma is my friend

Sitting back, watching the universe unleash its power. Funny how people do not realise that old adage is true:

You'd think some would know life has a way of creating its own justice. All you need do is be patient, keep quiet, don't stoop to the low level no matter how tempting it may be when the lies and dramas continually bombard you. Be true to yourself.

Kaboom! Come on. I'm allowed to gloat just a little after 18 months of hell, aren't I? Okay, I know not too much as then karma will come after me, but just for a minute or two, m'kay? So "hi ladies (and I do use that term loosely), my life is pretty damn swell, how's yours?" Okay, done. Dusted. Gone. *Poof*

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