Saturday, March 26, 2011

FYBF - You Never Know What Lurks Behind.

People amaze me. Not only do you have incredible generousity and kindness, you also witness absolute nastiness and vile behaviour. One minute you marvel at the noble unselfishness of strangers, the next you are doubled over in pain at a vicious offensive from an acquaintance or even more painful, a supposed friend. As adults these high-school games and attacks are meant to be behind us. But they are not.

There are two reasons for this in my point of view.

Firstly, if you have been the victim of such an attack in your lifetime it lingers. It settles like a hidden wound deep in your psyche, waiting to resurface and leak bad memory pus all over your present. Some of the time this colours your interpretation of the written word, or even real life conversations leading you to either:

(a) go on the offensive yourself


(b) curl up in a ball reliving the horrific experiences of the past in the present day.

Secondly, life is hard in today's world. The "I want" generation is now finding keeping up with the Edelstein's  (for the Joneses have long dropped down the social ladder) nearly impossible. People are unhappy with life, with the circumstances they have to live within (damn you GFC), and the most sad, with themselves. It is not only a desire for themselves, they yearn for their children to have more, to be accepted and fit in. Everyone wants to be popular, but for some the desire brings forth jealousy which creates spiteful, childish behaviour. They resort to the patterns of youth, never seeming to have gained the wisdom from growing up.

Which one am I? I think I fall into group one. Both sections. Reading Courtney's brave post brought forward some really bad memories from my school days. Isn't that sad - these days are over thirty years back and yet can be relived in a flash. It is a part of me I always remain aware of, I need to fight to keep it under control when looking at the next generation. I have to realise my experiences and the fights of my childhood are not theirs or their reality. Take a deep breath, step back and soothe the hidden black panther uncoiling itself from slumber.

I guess underlying all this is a message. You never know what is hiding behind a smile. People can mask pain really effectively and the cries of "I had no idea" are fruitless when it is too late to rescind an action.


This is my FYBF. A little late because I just couldn't bring myself to finish it last night.

And to cheat a little I am adding my Weekend Rewind into this post. October was a terribly hard month last year. It was the month I lost my mother, Wise Woman. Reading back through my posts there were two I thought about adding. One poignant and probably quite appropriate given the topic of this post, the other a joyous memory of my childhood and why I believe in myself. Because she did, always. So I chose the second.


Jemi Fraser said...

You're right - we often see extremes of behavious - and often closely together.

The 'I want' generation is going to cause itself much heartache. It's hard to be happy when you've grown up expecting the world on a platter.

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Insightful as always. And touching. Great post hun. And I know those rewind posts well. I read them fresh, raw. Thanks for sharing them.

Leanne said...

I am off to remember your wise woman via your rewind ...I read it the first time around. Am off to do it again.
Goose bumps.

cjtato said...

Oh yes. One can never tell what is really being thought or felt most of the time. But people are usually very quick to judge. I've probably been on both sides (although I would like to think the judgmental side of me was when I was a lot younger).

Ro said...

Copped a lot of crap in the past as the family punching bag, these days I watch and listen others, then people complain I'm not as animated as online *snort* wonder why?

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I'm constantly amazed by people. I live in hope that there are more amazing kind people than there are vicious and cowardly.

thatblogyoudo said...

Your right, of course a smile will cover up years of hurt, and i smile with my whole heart these days because i feel there is so much in life to be thankful for and haven't let a few years of Yuck Define me. :-)
I don't know if generation me is a relatively new phenomena, or if the population of selfish, self focused people has exploded... not sure..