Monday, December 14, 2009

Honest Scrap Award and the Ten Things You Never Knew!

Again, my thanks to Mrs E. at Whining at the world. Very unexpected, but much appreciated.

Okay, here we go. Ten little known facts from the one they know as Madmother:

  1. I am adopted. I was blessed enough to be adopted at 3 months of age by Wise Woman 1 and dearly departed Grumblebum. Sister to the flame-haired hellraiser (also gone but much missed). I could not have had a more wonderful family, and you already know how much I treasure the last surviving member, WW1.

  2. I lived in inner Sydney for eighteen years, in a terrace house next door to another terrace in which lived five gay boys. Used to go the clothes line in my knickers, or even sometimes naked (figured they wouldn't care). One was moving out after five years, at the farewell party he leaned over, a wicked glint in his spectacular blue eyes, buff muscles rippling as he whispered in my ear: "Thought you should know, I'm not gay..."  Holy crap! He moved back to NZ the next morning. *Sigh*, shame about that.

  3. I have a Bachelor of Economics. Worked in finance for fifteen years. Am not sorry to be out of the industry, not one little bit.

  4. I have travelled the world for a year backpacking all by myself. Embraced the freedom and versatilit, enjoyed the friends I made, thrived on the challenge. Fell in love with France, Ireland and Mexico. Absolute, unconditional mutual admiration of all things these countries unveiled.

  5. Whilst on the subject of Mexico, I have to confess a little stuff up which greatly amused Boy 1, Boy 2, Big Boy and Wise Woman 1. I have a quite limited comprehension of a little spanish. In other words, nada, zilch, none bar the very bare necessities. I flew on some very small airlines, and on one flight from Mexico City to Merida I *ahem* misunderstood one announcement. Ended up getting off at the wrong stop (I told you it was a small airline - we town hopped). Villa Hermosa. Middle of nowhere. Luggage including passport flying off into the great beyond. And me running down the tarmac after the plane arms flapping, screaming, top of my lungs:  "Stop, stop, ablo inglesse? Merida, Merida!" Don't worry, obviously it all ended okay as here I am, in one piece telling my tale...

  6. I live in a big house. Have decided to share this after nearly causing the sudden demise of a dear friend the first time she saw it. Sorry Sharalyn, should have warned you. And as I think I will be meeting many more of you over the years I figured I best prepare you. We designed so that if either Wise Woman 1 needs to move in, or if Boy 1 stays well into adulthood, we are ready.

  7. I lost my sister, the flame-haired hellraiser, when she was only nineteen years of age. I was one week off fifteen. Asthma induced heart attack. Which is why I am terrified when any of my family suffer upper respiratory infections causing shortness of breath. I do not sleep when anyone is ill with this.

  8. I have finally learned to laugh at liars. Walk away, let them live in their nasty little worlds, justifying themselves at every turn. Use it for the amusement it provides, and concentrate on the wonderful, genuine people in the world. And there are plenty. Took a while for me to learn this one.

  9. I snore. I snore like the BFG. I can shake the house on a bad night.

  10. I yearn to write. It is like an addiction I cannot break. I write in my head in the shower, on the toilet, in bed, driving... One day I will write the novel I have planned in my head. You might have already known that.

Okay, now you know some of my deep, dark secrets. On to the fun bit.

I am bestowing the Honest Scrap Blog Award to the following people:

No. 1 on my list has to be my dear friend, Sharalyn at Daily Musing of a Rainbow Life. You will often find us posting very simlar thoughts and ideas, and it is not because one is following the other. We are on the same wavelength, especially on the subject of our special boys. Our web relationship has now flowed into reality and I have to say she is one of my most trusted, closest friends. Even if she does give me heaps. She makes me smile.
Next is Sally over at a blog by any other name. She inspires me. Always. What a woman!
Third is Jen at jemikaan another Mum on the Aspie Rollercoaster, I find her views refreshing, and a reminder of our days past.

Oooh - four to go! And it has to be people not already awarded this...

Number four (sounds a little rude, doesn't it?) is Alex who is definitely a Whoa-Mumma! I tend to giggle a lot when reading her blog.

High Five is another Jenifer, this time at Odyssey. Another Essential Baby blogger.

Sixth is jlydia, at Resilience. She makes me look at things from another perspective.

And last, but certainly NEVER least, the culprit who inspired me to leap into the world of blogging, the beauteous Melissa, The Things I'd Tell You.... I looked for this award on her blog as I had thought someone would have already posted it (and I've probably missed it). But even if it is a double up, it is crucial for me to do it again.


Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me I have to divulge 10 secrets? Not sure the world is really ready to here them.

Oh your house is gorgeous. Big (but then we're currently squeazed into a tiny piece of junk, I miss my space) and gorgeous.

E. said...

Damn it, I thought Melissa already had this one but I see she doesn't. Oh well, at least you have the opportunity to give it to her now. LOL.

You have such a way of describing things... I can see you chasing the plane down the tarmac and picture your face when the neighbour announced he wasn't gay.

Chatterbox said...

Am glad to get a chance to know you a bit more on the personal front through this post.

Congratulations MM on winning the award and for for being the New member pick at BlogThis.

Hope to see you around :)


Anonymous said...

What a great list and I do like visiting your blog. Well done on your New Member Monday profile.