Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour and the "Oh Crud" Factor

Earth Hour. Pushed, promoted, publicised, principled. Boy 1 is a mad environmentalist, the sort of kid who picks up litter, ANY type of litter, wherever we go. The one who constantly discusses our impact on our home planet and instructs us in ways to minimise it.

Earth Hour. Where ALL the lights are turned off. Earth Hour. Great idea. Except if you have a boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder with a great fear of the dark, yes, even with candles and torches and camping light thingys. Even sometimes with Eldred hovering protectively.

So on a night where Big Boy is out on one of his rare social evenings with the boys, and the wind is blowing and howling around the house in the clouds, was this ever going to be a good idea? No. First gust driven flicker of a candle we had hysteria. Lights on!

Sorry Earth, we tried and failed. But hey, at least you have a boy who is dedicated to improving your health on a daily basis, not just a once a year warrior!

For my Sunday Sessions I'm dedicating my selection to a Wet N Wild adventure where I and my family are finally meeting the wonderful Jemikaan and her lot! Woot!

Thea's away this week having some friendship fun herself so just add a comment and link here if you want to have your own Sunday Session!

My oldie:

My Newie (just change the words to day, eh?):

WooHoo... Here we go now!


Leanne said...

You're meeting Jen? I'm so jealous. Hey, the Deep Fried Fruit clan are heading to the Gold Coast after Easter. Don't suppose you want a cuppa? Or is that too stalkerish?

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

You did try and I am sure the Earth will get over it, considering he does other things to help the environment all year and not just for one hour x

Madmother said...

Hell yeah Leanne! Would be mighty peeved if we didn't!

This is shaping into an excellent year.