Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back on the Bandwagon - The First Award Catchup.

Not quite sure what to do here. I appreciate each and every comment left on my blog, no matter how long or short. The list would be endless if I started one to pass this on!
So to every person who has taken the time to let me know your thoughts, this is for you! To me you are all my top supporters/followers and I am humbled to think anyone reads my babbling.

Besides, I am pretty sure all of you commenters with blogs would have one already! No point in doubling up, just know you are appreciated by every blog you have ever commented on.

But keep your eyes peeled, I think there may be a new blog award on the horizon...

1 comment:

Mad Woman said...

You ARE a good commenter. I'm happy to count myself among your commenters :) I love reading your stuff.