Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19: Car Ride #best09 Gwen Bell

What did you see? How did it smell? Did you eat anything as you drove there?
Who were you with?

I looked at my best friend. We had been through so much together on this trip, what was meant to be a girls timeout had become so much more. We were closer than we have ever been and as I looked behind us to the hoards of police cars blocking our escape, I knew there was no choice...

Oops, sorry. Channeling Thelma & Louise for a moment there.

Best car ride? I think I'll have to pick the trip home from school camp with Boy 1 and Boy 2 with me. Tired, no, make that exhausted, relieved to be in the air-conditioned comfort of our vehicle after the intense heat, a proud and happy Madmother. Boy 1 had pushed himself beyond his tightly bound limits, and then stretched those boundaries even a little further, Boy 2 was his usual out-there self, happy to be with his bestie. I had sat back and watched the dynamics of those who teach my children, closely observing but on the fringes. Learnt a lot those two days. We meandered through the green hills, looking at the quaint farmhouses, gorgeous gardens and cute villages. Stopped in a couple of places, found some great little galleries, slowly made our way home.

And as we drove up the mountain that overwhelming feeling of coming home to serenity filled us all. As Boy 1 put it "I so love coming home to our house in the clouds..."

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Cathy said...

Methinks Boy 1 has his mother's gift for words.