Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 29: Laugh #best09 Gwen Bell

What was your biggest belly laugh of the year?

We laugh. A lot. Even when the laughter had diminished in this year of drama, we still laugh more than the average family.

So it was not easy to pick just one moment. Then I remembered: the time it took us over fifteen minutes to stop the hysteria. Tears were rolling down our cheeks from the hilarity of the reactions, Boy 2 and I gasping for breath, unable to stop laughing to draw in oxygen. We could not look at each other at all without getting more carried away.

So, what was the catalyst for all this mirth?

Boy 2 and I were lying on my bed waiting for Boy 1 in the bathroom, and Big Boy who was feeding the tropical fish. I turned to Boy 2 and said: "Hah, just let one rip!" He laughed and then replied: "So did I, and mine was well brewed!" We started to giggle, looked at each other, and decided to blend them. Picture this:
Boy 2 and myself madly using our arms as paddles, mixing, merging the fumes. In walks Boy 1 from ensuite. Boy 2 and I pause, not daring to glance at each other. "Holy hell, what is that terrible smell?" Boy 1 grabs his nose, gagging, frantically fanning his face with his hands. Big boy then chooses this moment to walk in. He pales, turns and walks back to doorway. "What on earth is going on in here, it stinks!" By this time Boy 2 and I can barely gasp for air we are laughing so hard. We both stammer out: "We blended our silent but deadlies..." in between trying to breath, hysterical giggles, and now frantically flapping sheets to clear the air. Boy 1 joins in the mirth, Big Boy remains in the doorway, slowly backing out as the fumes spread his way, hand over eyes as he slowly shakes his head from side to side. "I don't know who is worse - you or Boy 2. You are both twisted."

Never claimed to be a delicate little petal, did I. Pull my finger is still one of my favourite lines...

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cjtato said...

I seriously am laughing out loud at that one! Priceless.

Maybe I find it so amusing because my husband still uses the ole "pull my finger" with the girls.