Monday, December 7, 2009

Screaming on the inside...


This time of year is no fun as an adult and a parent, it is insanely busy and manic. Kids are coming up to the holidays, they are tired, it is hot, and there are a million things to be done with no-one other than yourself to do them.

And everyone seems to have gone on a commenting holiday and I am wondering if I am sitting here slowly going insane blogging to myself. Hello? Isn't there someone out there wanting to join in on my insanity?


Anonymous said...

I hear you MM, I really do! I have trouble putting comments on your blog at times, my Wordpress or OpenID is sometimes rejected... can't work out why but I usually give up.

Jen said...

I feel the same..not feeling the love in any aspect, not getting comments, losing followers (well one but still), kids feral, work stressful and want to just boycott Christmas all together :p . PS"I am reading your blog :)"

Chatterbox said...

Hey MM, relax buddy am reading you. I liked the pictures of your article.

Comment love is in the air despite the hectic schedules at work and never ending preparations for the festive season.

Keep writing and commenting. It's fun spreading the comment-love.


Madmother said...

Apologies for the little tanty - it is more the pace of last week of school, work, christmas preparations, school committments (end of year Christmas parties, etc), kids fighting, and heat. There are times I crave a white Christmas, I can achieve so much more in the cold.

Oh, and I was debating dropping blogging off the list if no-one was reading, but seeing as some are still out there will continue dribbling my crap.

Cate P said...

Keep dribbling, it's just that time of year. I have all the usual crap, plus moving my parents to an aged care facility and cleaning out the house they've lived in for 60 years. I'll keep reading everyone's blogs, but may not always take the extra time to comment. Don't worry, everyone's still out there. Somewhere.