Friday, December 18, 2009

Feeling Mellow...

I have a friend. A beautiful friend. Well, she is one of my many beautiful friends, and I will get to all of you, but this one is about her. She dropped in unexpectedly early yesterday when we were all still clad in our smelly, sweaty pjs, unshowered, teeth and breath... well, urgh about sums it up.

She brought her daughter with her. I asked her in, pre-warning her of our unsanitory state. She came happily, warmly, smiling as she always does. Seeing her is like being wrapped in one of those balmy spring breezes, refreshing yet so lovely and warm. I am very grateful for her being in my life. I mean, let's face it - I am high maintenance at times! But she is gentle, calm and understanding, even as she is shaking her head and uttering "Oh, Madmother!"

What was lovely yesterday was watching her child and mine playing together. Her daughter is also gentle, quiet, but with an inner strength like her mother (though she would deny that trait). At times she is almost other worldly. Not in a vague, disoriented way, but almost like Boy 1. Off on a higher plane with imagination roaring, slaying the bad, embracing the good.

The two of them went off into the kid haven and were playing eye toy on the PS2. I knew her Mother was a little worried about the boy/girl dynamics, and the roughness of some, but Boy 1 is not at all like that. We walked into the room to watch them just prior to the departure. Boy 1 was telling Dragon girl (her daughter) how great she doing for a beginner, how much better than he was when he started she is, and lots of lovely positive stuff. It was beautiful to watch. Friendship. Uncomplicated, straight down the line, friendship.

*Sigh*. What a wonderful morning, even if I was self-conscious about my odour.


InfoMidwife said...

it is nice to have uncomplicated friendships.... where do you get you georgeous pictures from ... they are lovely.

Madmother said...

Google, google, google. Oh,and some are mine.