Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bit Where I Humbly Acknowledge my Awards and Mumble Bashfully

Thank you!

I am standing here, shuffling my feet in the dust, blushing and fumbling for words. Hard to believe, I know. But true. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled by the recognition but have trouble gracefully accepting acknowledgement or praise. Don't know why, have always been like it. Far prefer life outside the limelight let someone else take the kudos, I usually make some lame joke and then run for it. But that is insulting to those generous people who have seen fit to bestow these blog awards.

Firstly, and it is terribly late in coming, but I wish to thank those who voted for me in my first blog this challenge.


Really, truly stunned but honoured to have won. I am also to be featured in a Monday Members Post {{blush}}.

And yesterday the generous Mrs E. over at Whining at the world awarded me the honest scrap award.

Now this one comes with a few strings attached! Receiving this award means I have to share ten honest, little known facts with all of you. Then, and only then, do I get to bestow the award on seven more bloggers who inspire me. This is a double-edged sword as firstly, well most of you who read here know me pretty well now, and secondly, I need to find seven who have not had this already bestowed on them!

I will come back later today to complete this one, it needs some serious brain power applied!

But again, thank you to all who read my blogs, and especially those who comment. It is nice to know others are out there who enjoy my blog.

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