Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17 Word or phrase #best09 Gwen Bell Challenge

 A word that encapsulates your year.

2009 was my year of

This year I learnt many things. I found out that sometimes your instincts about people can be way off but then I was also reminded of what true friendship is. Letting go of all the toxic relationships and emotional baggage is truly invigorating and exhilarating and after a somewhat turbulent journey I am in a really good place emotionally. I am happy. I am content.

~The condition of being informed spiritually: edification, illumination.~

So, what did I learn this year?
  • You don't need to pursue the evil in this world, they will self-destruct all on their own.

  • I need to trust others' instincts more. When you take a big step back and observe the game you find so many like-minded souls who see the way things are being played. They just don't care enough to worry about it. Makes life much more pleasant to be uninvolved. Funnier too, watching the players scramble for position.

  • I have some amazing friends. Some are interweb, some are reality, some have crossed over from meeting on the www to face to face. Some are old friends, some are new friends, but they are all incredible supportive people who like me warts and all.

  • I am one of the most blessed people on this planet. I have an wonderful husband, two incredible sons and my very special Mum whom I thought I had almost certainly lost. And I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Happy? Hell, yeah. Back to the old me, feeling the burden gone, not carrying anyone else's baggage anymore.



E. said...

What a nice post! You sound like you are in such a great place. Can I join you? I think I need some enlightenment.

Madmother said...

All welcome. Life is far better if you let the idiots fight amongst themselves. Little like watching the jesters at the royal court, lol.

livemorenow said...

Yes, stand back and watch the fools battle over scraps. Great post - sounds like you are in a great place.

... and because you have nothing better to do ... (ho ho) I have left an award at my place for you.