Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meandering My Way to Other Paths...

I love the way life leads us into the unknown. Awake early I have had a little time to quietly meander through some new blogs. I find one, then one of their follower's blogs catch my eye, so I hop on over there, and then onto another and another. Reminds me of my backpacking days standing at train stations and hopping from one platform to another as I randomly changed my travel destinations (Which is also why I advocate travelling alone - it is the most selfish pastime by necessity).

I hope these new bloggers don't mind me barging in and commenting, or linking their blogs. Never quite sure what the blogiquette is. But it is interesting how you can find people all over the world who have similar ideas or likes. I have even stumbled across another mermaid person!

I have mentioned my desire for a mermaid tatt, haven't I? Or haven't I?

Wise Woman 1 despises them, Big Boy is repulsed by them and neither will assist in facillitating the project. Swore I would get it for my 40th, I am now 46 no tattoo in sight.

Not this.

And I certainly would never have the courage for this:

What I want is a little fat mermaid on my butt. She can get fatter, thinner, older, or wrinkled all hidden away from the greater world. Not colour, purely a black outline on my pale skin. One day. I have a stamp with her on it. If I can manage I will post a pic later.

I love mermaids as much as Boy 1 loves dragons. I am surrounded by the many I have collected over the years.

Oops, where was I? Oh yes, mid-wandering blog world. Ah, I do so love a good early morning blog!

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