Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Blojo Thief Part 1

Rumours were flying around the small, select fraternity of bloggers, something or someone had struck fear in the group's hearts.  No-one could pinpoint the exact time it occurred, but each quivered with terror, would they would be next?  It had all began when Melissa had raised the alarm a few days previously, but now a second victim had tentatively come forward... Another young, beautiful, talented and usually prolific blogger, with her admission candida had unwittingly revealed a pattern. Striking quickly, quietly and with terrifying victim precision we had become the targets of a blogging mojo thief. A blojo bandit. Phrases, words, and inspiration stolen only from those with completely honed skills, their most precious possession, gone. Whatever or whomever this blojo brigand was, their taste was unimpeachable. Who would be next? What rambling writer would awaken to an empty heart, and a paused keypad?

Our gathering needed answers, and we needed them fast. Our girls wanted their mojo back!

   ... or is it?


Brooke said...

love it!

Melissa said...

It's 3.30 in the morning and I'm up and agitated.

You made me laugh. Funniest post ever!

Now give it back, wench!

Psych Babbler said...


Kakka said...

Hey I want them to get it back too - missing them. Maybe Santa will return it tomorrow xxx