Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And yet again, she makes me cry...

I just love Estee Klar, she is so on my wavelength about autism.

Watch this you tube link on her blog, made me cry silent tears. Boy 1 loved the positiveness in it and exclaimed: "About time!", Boy 2 was inspired and came back with the slogan for his latest movie:

"Asperger Syndrome, it does not destroy - it creates!"

Obviously, it is all about his brother and how his mind works in quirks.

And the part I most loved was one of the ASD speakers stating:

“I am not trying to change who I am as a person, but where I am in my skills and development.”


Why would you try and mess with perfection?

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Alex said...

I've found that there's a lot of bloggers around my age that have kids with aspergers. I also have a lot of younger friends that I used to hang out with and her brother has aspergers and he is the most awesome 20 year old I have ever met.

Your kids will grow up amazing, don't sweat the small stuff.