Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Grateful: Happy To Be Me.

After a week of wonderful blog finds, a little drama and some rewind therapy, today I am grateful to be me. Why? Well, after reading of some of the family history and ongoing issues I realised a couple of things. Firstly, I may be considered by some to be confrontational, I know there are people who think I'm a bitch.  But I like me. I am a strong, honest, outspoken woman who yes, can be blunt, but am proud of who I am. I stuff up at times, I am not some sort of perfect person. I get things wrong but do own my mistakes and apologise when wrong.

You want to know why I am happy to be me? Why I know and like myself? I was loved unconditionally, supported unequivically, and told that nothing was impossible if I worked hard. My family, my wonderful, loving, amazing family which continues through to the new generation. Through hard times and tragedy, always together, always there for each other. Ongoing with my husband and children. Live, life, love. Truly blessed. For this I am grateful. Always.

Oh, and if you want to know more about these wonderful people from my childhood, read about:
By following those links. As for Big Boy, Boy 1 and Boy 2, well there are so many posts I'll let you track those by searching those terms in my blog, lol.

Back to add another blog hop on the recommendation of Maxabella!

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cjtato said...

I like ya! ;p

And I think your hair looks great in that photo!!!

Maxabella said...

Perfectly said. I'm grateful you feel this way about yourself. I suspect you would be a shadow of yourself if you didn't! We can't have that!!! x

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Hiya, Visiting from Reasons to be Cheerful. What a wonderful post. I love it that you are so happy in yoru own skin - just perfect. I alwasy describe myself as an armadillo. as I am hard on the outside and soft on the inside - often with my foot firmly inmy mouth!

Mich x

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Perfect! I love someone who talk's straight and is willing to admit when they stuffed up. Easily my favourite characteristics.

That and warmth. Which you have in bundles!!

Great post. xoxo

Leila {Emerald City Girl} said...

Great post! I love that you don't apologize for your "faults" but rather embrace them because it is who you are. The world needs more people like you.