Friday, February 25, 2011

Comment Nazi.

Probably showing my age here, but do you lot remember the soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld? I will add a disclaimer: I must be one of the few who actually disliked this show but sadly was forced to sit through many episodes with obsessed friends.

It's here for those unfamiliar. Well I am the comment Nazi. Yes, I have comment approval enabled here. Is it to screen comments? Well, not really. I have scam protection so most of the crap gets shoved into there before it even reaches my moderation. Is it so I can dictate and keep tight control, utilising censorship tools and exhibiting all the signs of prohibition of free speech? I'll admit a little. Some things such as my name, or my children's names are not used here and I like to keep it that way.

But in reality it is for one real purpose.

How else would this manic Madmother ever know someone has commented on a post, old or new?

Yep - it is my own private tracking system. And speaking of tracking, how good are the IP trackers so you can see what comes from where? Cool, eh.


Kylie said...

I love your blog. I've posted before that I really enjoy it.
And given I hardly comment, I'm not quite sure how to put this.
I really, really dislike the name Nazi being used so lightly. Not just by you but by society in general as evidenced by the Seinfeld episode you referenced.
I think it makes light of something horrific.
And I decided a few months ago that if I saw it or people said it to me, I would say something.
So this is me saying something.
I still love your blog though.

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Haha. Weird stalker type, you are. I just get my sent via email to me {email notification i think is it's fancy schmancy title}.

BUT it is all loosey goosey over at SCI. Anything goes!

Madmother said...

Kylie I did consider this when posting I must admit. I do not wish to offend and belittle what these people have inflicted, but I, personally, am a great believer in negating the power of such words.

It is the tact we have followed with Boy 1 and a lot of *those* words he will be/has been called.

And so I guess my thoughts were that the meaning given to this word by that show was actually very powerful. Considering the man they placed the tag on represented the physical embodiment of all the aryan race was against. Sorry if I offended you.

Madmother said...

And I think it is wonderful you stand up for what you feel so strongly about. After all, it is what makes the world a better place.

Kylie said...


You're always so articulate and insightful.

It's a pleasure to read your blog.