Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 - What Else Would I Blog About But...

A Wise Woman?

Mum and I

I know I talk about my Mum a lot. She is an integral part of our family, as Boy 2 says: "There are five in OUR family." She is the only grandparent our children have left, and really the only one they can ever remember having in any detail. This year she turns ninety-one, but you would never know it. In my mind a ninety something year old is doddery and vague, their life light dim and fading. Not Wise Woman. Wise Woman is still more than capable of putting me in my place (Big Boy relishes these exchanges when I am in trouble), she is sharp of wit and mind, retains her sense of humour and the absurd, and although frail in body, she is quite spritely. We share a slightly offbeat sense of humour, and spent many hours doubled over in hysteria as my late father, Grumblebum, would be getting madder and madder, calling us a pair of fools. Which of course made us laugh all the harder.

Saturdays are her boring day, so we made yesterday the "Nanna Mother Day". We had a wonderful day at her lovely home, cleaning up the garden, spoiling her with presents, chowing down on fish and chips and just laughing and enjoying each other's company. I even did some mending. Big Boy had never in our seventeen years together, seen me with needle in hand. Shows you how much I adore my mother.

After nearly losing her last year I will never underestimate how much she means to me and our family.

My Mum, my wonderful Mum. Most people are a little stunned when they meet her for the first time. Wise Woman is every inch the refined lady, a truly gentile woman, softly spoken and NOTHING like her brash, loud daughter. Most friends swifly glance at both of us in disbelief. Her? Me? How?

The infamous 1990 NZ trip. Geyser probably about to blow...

Only those that know us well, and have seen us together over the years see the hidden similarities. Or maybe, not so hidden but just a little below the surface resemblances. My mother, my best friend, my rock. Every day I thank the very compassionate God that granted me longer with you.

I love you Mum. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.


Melissa said...

I'm just so pleased she is still here with you and that your boys are growing up with memories of her in their lives. Such a blessing.

Have a beautiful day, my friend. I miss you.


Wanderlust said...

What a beautiful tribute, MM. Your mom really is beautiful. That last photo is really gorgeous.

Thea said...

Oh you are so blessed.
What a wonderful thing to have such a relationship with your mother.

Rianna said...

Great post my friend! xo

Kim Thompson said...

Superb post.

My mom is 64 and I have had her in life for a long time and I adore her.

My grandma was Mom 2. I adored her as well. She died in January of this year at 89. She was just the best. Your pics and description made me smile. I suspect your mom would have liked my Grandma, a lot.

Happy Mom's Day!

Cinda said...

You are dearly blessed to have such a mother in your life.