Friday, February 25, 2011

The Imaginarium of a Madmother

Yes, I'm a little warped. Put it down to a childhood filled with magical laughter and lots of imaginings. And a mother who believed her teddy bears came alive at night right up to her death (vale' Wise Woman - don't worry, I still put the blankie over your bears on a cold night) at 91. I love to weave tales for my boys, and I must admit my sense of the absurd has helped a lot in our journey with awetismness.

Now, I have to tell you this reminiscing journey has been prompted by a blog post. Thank's to Torkona and his inaugural blog award I have found a new obsession addiction blogger to follow. Head on over to the winner, you'll soon see why she took it out even though she is a fairly recent arrival on Blogworld. In fact it is her post, Bullshitification which has prompted me thinking about the imaginarium of childhood fantasy and *ahem* slight untruths we spin to ease the way for our kids. Oh, and to cover up adult stuff-ups of course. Many of which I have already mentioned here.

  • There was, of course, the drunken tooth fairy debacle. You remember, when old toothy partaked of a little too much morning dew, very intoxicating to fairies, and slammed into that random spoon in the pot plant? Okay, I'll refresh it for you... Boy 1 had lost his tooth, this is, ooh, back about four years ago. Tooth fairy phone call request put following formal procedure. Next morning... *shock, horror* tooth still under pillow NO CASH. Whoopsie. Cue quick response team. I call toothy (we are on a first name basis, oh and the phone is a hot pink Barbie phone left by Santa we think, was found at our shop, never claimed and then, surprise surprise, I was mucking around with it and found it was a TOOTH FAIRY HOTLINE PHONE!), she answers. Clearly from the cursing and tone, suffering a gigantic fairy headache! The story screamed down the line was like this. Foggy night, toothy knocking back some morning dew to keep warm, went a little overboard and was feeling a tad off her game, flies in about to head inside, hits spoon someone left in potplant near front door (another story, but something to do with a large party at Madmother mansion), ricochets backwards dropping coin on front step, flies off mumbling dire threats about stoopid humans and tooth addiction... WITHOUT TOOTH RETRIEVAL!  She was not happy and told me to keep the money and shove it where the sun don't... Ah, well. Suffice to say not a happy fairy.

  • Then there is of course Eldred. As this is a recent post (read: one Madmother can link easily), I'll let you look at it yourself if you so wish.

  • The magic monster eating dogs. If you've headed over to Martyr-hood's post, you'll see a mention of monster spray. Now, I don't know of any mother who is not aware of monster spray. But sometimes those damn beasts are a little harder to banish. Well, we have a secret weapon. Monster-eating dogs. Yep, fully certified, monster mashing approved, monster rip-'em-up, chew 'em down, digest-'em-well, eating canines. So no big monsters ever made it in our house, and the few pesky teeny ones, well of course they got *poofed* by the spray quick smart. Pretty good secret weapon in the monster removal stakes, let me tell you. Small issue in re-training not to aggravate royal dragons and teaching them the difference between monsters and other magical visitors, but hey, what's a few scales between friends?

Okay, am running out of time so this will be all of the tall tales for today. And as it is a Friday I'm hoping to link this to a FlogYo Blog list... somewhere, somehow. No bullshitification.


Come back to add... found FYBF - see link above. Being hosted by Glowless atm. Oh, and the Tork awards? I tied for second with the great Mumstrosity. Just lettin' ya know. Cheers.


Romina Garcia said...

I'm so glad I found you! I love what you write, how you write it and what you stand for. Love it all!!

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I'm in hysterics over the tooth fairy phone call! I love it, just magical :)