Monday, February 28, 2011

I offficially give up!

There is no point belonging to a site you cannot utilise. For months now I have had issues with the Aussie Mummy Bloggers site. I have limited time and would rather be involved where I can actually USE the site.

Seriously, over it. Done.


A very pissed off !


Bri said...

I thought it was just me and my newbieness that it wouldn't work for!

Brenda said...

Oh. So sorry to hear that. It's a Ning issue. Although I must say that despite the Ning issues, the site have grown rapidly and it's still growing. So, I'm quite happy about that.

We'll miss you there though. And thanks for all the support!

Torkona said...

I've had no problems at Mummy bloggers.. whats the probs?

Madmother said...

Logs me out constantly, Tork I cannot post topics, start groups, reply or even manage my groups...

And it is not like every 5 minutes, it is every 60 seconds!

Very, very frustrating.

And the only Ning site I have issues with - none of the others do this.

Katie said...

I think there is a technological conspiracy against you.
First Disqus, now AMB.

Toushka Lee said...

oh no! I don't have any issues wiht AMB and love love love it. I don't know what a ning issue is either. it sounds like a browser thing? maybe? either way it's fucking annoying.