Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Rewind and Grateful All Rolled Into One!

Cheating, yes I'm cheating. Why? Well, because I had Boy 2 and his mate up at 5.30am or I should say 5-friggin-30-on-a-sleep-in-Saturday! Have I mentioned I am not a morning person? I'M NOT!
And so in my lovely, tired and whingey state I am combining my two favourite blog hops this morning. In a way it is very appropriate because the post from May requested by Allison over at Life in a Pink Fibro also represents one of the things I am most grateful for in my life. Thus it is also my Weekend Grateful for Maxabella Loves...

Blogworld friendship. With the tragedies of recent times, we have witnessed first hand of just how strong these bonds are; of how such friendships support, nurture, even save us. We are lucky to be living in this modern world where the hand of friendship can be extended at the click of a keyboard. People say the internet is a dangerous thing. It can be, but we must never forget what a wonderful tool it is also. A device to bring this big world together in a way never witnessed before in history. An instant pen-friend enabler, though I guess you should call it typing-friend linking, where others who understand and relate to you and your experiences can comment with support and understanding. These are the people I am grateful for this weekend. And so I give you (from May 2010 as requested by Ms Tait):

I know I am meant to link the actual post at Fibro, so this is really being naughty. But figured I may be forgiven once you read the link within this post. Maybe? 'Cause seriously, we are all part of a special virtual place, the blogosphere, and if you can't forgive someone for a little transgression, well... maybe you are being a little too real today.

Have a great weekend peoples! Maybe an unreal one even?


Maxabella said...

I'm sure Al won't mind a bit! She's my sister anyway, so she's not allowed to mind... don't tell her I said that. Ah, yes, she'll be reading this, won't she!? x

Being Me said...

I agree with you, and I reckon the 'bad stuff' of the internet is far outweighed by the good.