Monday, February 28, 2011

Disqus, Envy and a Little Procrastination...


Sitting here just a little envious this morning. The amazing Mrs Woog of Woogsworld fame (or is that infamy?) is off to lunch with Google! Yes, you read it right  - GOOGLE! You really know you've reached the pinacle of all blogicleness when Google want to wine and dine your arse! So I told her I wanted to be her! Yes, a little stalkerish. Okay, a lot stalkerish, but hey, wouldn't it be worse if I sat and let my jealousy fester unvoiced behind a false smiling facade? And that leads me to my next point. Disqus. No false smiling facade on MY comments in Disqus. No facade at all - I am faceless. Must admit the envy was creeping insidiously in about this one too. I would sit, muttering madly under my breath "She got a photo. Why does she get one and not me. Who does she think she is? How did she get on the inner? What have I ever done to Disqus to make it treat me with such obvious disdain? Why aren't I in the cool group? *Sob*" every time I commented and had to enter e-mail, enter username, enter first born son's right testicle...

But then I noticed something. A little thing that soothed my jaded spirit. I was not alone. The uber-cool Allison from Life in a Pink Fibro was sitting a couple of comments away SANS photo! So maybe I am in the cool group. and the other is the uncool group! Well, that's my premise and I'm sticking to it.

And now we come to the procrastination bit... As you may have read in my other post, I won Challenge 67 on Blog This. Which meant I had to come up with a topic for Challenge 69 (I know, I know, okay?). After no help from you lot I came up with a topic:

What would you do if you won the big one. Not one million, or even two million, but a division one prize of 52 million dollars? Would you go public, remain anonymous, use it for good of others, or on family only? If all your financial issues were swept away, what would you do with the rest?

Yeah, not brilliant but all I had at that moment (being put on the spot kinda thing ya know). Now I am avoiding as only someone as consummate a procrastinator such as moi can. You'd a thunk if I was the one coming up with the challenge that I'd have some ideas about it, huh?

Lucky I'm a fly by the seat of my pants sorta gal. Because that's what I'll be doing. For this challenge entry and for Muse Wars I would say. Cest la vie.

Oh, and drop over and check out Challege 68 - Valentine's Past. Vote for your favourite - and I'll let you know I was lucky, for this one I had already written an apt post way back last year.

Okay, no more stuffing around. I'll get stuck into it, I promise. Right after I just go and...


Maxabella said...

I loathe Disqus. I don't even know why, I just do.

I kinda loathe Woogsy now too. She hasn't even been to Google and she's already boasting about the very invitation. Sigh. No one asks me to do anything exciting like that. Makes me want to re-think my 'I am not PR friendly' stance. Maybe a few posts about meat and washing powder will get me into the Google ranks? Maybe.


Madmother said...

Nope - blog about penis implants and viagra. Would get you noticed, I'm sure!

I have 2 sick kids and have resorted to rude pseudo e-mail names on disqus in my desperation.

Yes Woogie, the comment on my comment was me. Or WAS it?

Mrs Woog said...

Thanks for the mention Madmother. Was totally trippy to be playing with grown ups again! Back to the mundane now, but with nice memories Xx

Romina Garcia said...

Follow your bliss and it'll happen to you too (at least that's what I tell myself whilst I stick pins into dolls I've made of successful others)...hehe ;-)

Maxabella said...

DISCLAIMER: I would just like to say that my comment above about Mrs Woog was tongue in cheek. The biggest tongue in the cheekiest cheek. I love that Mrs Woog and I know she knows that. I SO wish I had the following fonts:

1. Cheeky Font
2. Saracastic Font
3. Ironic Font


4. I'm Sorry My Comment Doesn't Sound Right Because I Didn't Have The Cheeky Font Handy Font.

Much love to you, Woogsy and much love to our Meandering Madmother. And hell, much love to Google too while I'm at it. x

Madmother said...

Oh, you made me crack up Maxabella!

Which is good considering I had zilch, zero, nada sleep last night due to my ill little man.

You are funny. Or stoned. Or sleep-deprived. Or all three, lol.