Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Grateful: Unconditional Love.

Mrs Woog's poignant post over at Woogsworld started me thinking. There is no love like that of an animal and a human. It is why pets as therapy works such miracles, it is why miracles happen from a child enjoying a relationship with a pet. So this weekend I am grateful for all the love in our lives from our pets, past and present.

Millie - gaming cat extraordinaire. Was family pet but now crazy infatuated with Boy 2.

Reeta - Boy 1 and his never mess with MY boy dog. They fell in love just before his fourth birthday. Still mad over each other nine years later. Even though she is turning grey. Probably for the same reason I am - worrying over her boy.

Cocky - bird owner of Boy 2 since his eighth birthday. Who yells out Boy 2's name if he dares to sleep in too late. And has also been an integral part of Pirate Pillaging, Alien Adventures, and Crazy Cowboys.

Patch - canine friend of Boy 2 since he was three and a half. And she is a girl. Named Patch. Which is better than Wee. Which is what Boy 2 wanted to name her when he was three. As manic and energetic as her boy.

And finally, Ms Flower. Dumped pregnant and still a baby herself. Weaved her magic around us from her rehoming cage at the vet. Crazy, nuts, funny - and perfectly suited to the one she calls her own - her Madmother.

No home is complete without a pet. Unless you have allergies. Then I'll excuse you.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Such a lovely, lovely post. Thanks for sharing your furry and feathered family members!

Kakka said...

Yep couldn't live without a pet, in my case mainly cats, although I still would love to get another labrador, had one for a few months when I was 16 - she died unexpectedly of complications from her injections. As I type this my kitten Max is curled against my foot, his soothing warm soothing my worried psyche. Have a great weekend MM xxx

Maxabella said...

I am not a pet person, but I am so respectful of the loving bond that people form with their pets. A life maker for most, a life saver for some. x

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I love the idea of an alarm clock bird... :) I'm starting to wonder how much longer my first ever dog (who lives with my mum still) will be around for. She's 14 and blind as a bat but still going strong so far :)

Naturally Carol said...

I never mean to get another dog after one there are three in the belonging to mr third grown up son..and one he bought for me six years ago now and one i fell in love with while he was a puppy from a friend's litter. They are as funny as children to me...and quite as cute with their antics.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

You have so many pets! My boys are desperate for a dog. I keep saying 'one day', but I'm thinking my husband will arrive home with one any day now.