Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pure **Fluff** & A Happy Birthday!

Still struggling with my massive missive, who would have thought journaling the journey would be so time consuming?

I figured it was time for some lighthearted entertainment, a purely indulgent sense saturation post.

So here ya go:

"Mum, are you legless again?"

Now, is that sunrise or sunset? Damn those tequila slammers...

Off with the fairies...

And just for the lovely Melissa over @ Sugar Coat It as it is her birthday:

Happy Birthday Mel you sweet,
Hope your birthday's all you seek
But hide from Tubby where you sleep
Cause into your bed he will creep

And just to show I am not totally crass...

Sweets 'n flowers, what more could you want? Have a great day, blogalicious lady!

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Hey there, saw your profile on my site and wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow luv.=)

And ohmygawd! Tequila Slammers. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Hehehe.