Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Autism Sucks.

I have been working on a post about our journey with Boy 1, documenting our experiences, looking at where Autism Spectrum Disorder, more specifically Asperger Syndrome, has taken us. It was originally going to be one post but I have realised it is far too large to dump on anyone in one hit and I have broken it into sections. I will be posting them here, but also on another blog. See the button on the near top left of this blog? Yeah? It is true. I have become one of the contributors to:

In the administrators' own words:

Children don't suck, but autism often does.

Parenting a child with autism really sucks, a lot of the time.

That's ok! here is where you admit it.

a place to throw stones, throw down, throw up. Even throw in the towel. This is YOUR place.

In my words: a safe haven. Somewhere to go, read, learn, comment, and never feel alone. Someone where everyone gets IT. Somewhere to cyber scream and not have to hold back. As said: Your place...
It is not a harsh place, it actually is very comforting to find other like parents. For those of you who do not have ASD kids, it is a good place to go to acquire knowledge as one day your path will be crossed by someone who lives with this.
Now I am off to edit and try to complete this painful, prolonged, plentiful purge. And then I shall begin to post our story. Please stay around, I may need my hand held when done...


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Good for you - I hope that sharing your story helps a little bit. xx

Madmother said...

It is therapeutic for me, but really I am doing this for the other ASD mums out there who feel very misunderstood and alone. I know learning from other Mums saved me so many times, now it is my turn to pass it forward.

Zach Lassiter said...

As someone with Autism I do understand how you feel, but perhaps you should consider the other side of how autism sucks.

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Madmother: I am thrilled that you caught the vision! Autism Sucks was created for exactly that reason! Welcome aboard and thank you for the great post!

Autism Sucks