Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Glass Heart

He has a glass heart, gloriously beautiful, vibrant and filled with the colours of innocence, passion and joy. It beats in syncopated rhythm with a tempo driven by loyalty, imagination, friendship and compassion.

But a glass heart can shatter if hit hard enough. Or it can be slowly chipped away until the damage is so great it can no longer sustain its purity.

It can erode under the everyday pressures which flow from expectations, judgement and censure. It can dissolve under the strain of conformity, the weight of derision, the tension of trying to fit in.

I can only keep it safely encased in my hands for such a short time, then it must be handed over to the care of others, less experienced and more careless than a mother. And I must sit and wait, and hope it is not returned so badly damaged that it will never be repaired.


Aakriti said...

nice post..It felt as if u had written about a baby boy..a child filled with life, enthusiasm, cheerfulness yet having a heart oh! so sensitive that can easily break and get repaired as well, but the scratches remain:)
temme if I understood it well?
from the Fibro

Madmother said...

It was about my oldest son who has Asperger Syndrome. We do so much to help these special kids, but then have to trust the school system not to pull it all down and shatter his heart and spirit.

You pretty much nailed the spirit of it.

Kim H said...

What a beautiful piece of writing. Such a beautiful insight into your life as a mumma to a boy with aspergers.

One of my dearest friend's has a son who is on the spectrum -high functioning autism. She's homeschooling. She doesn't feel the system would be careful enough not to drop her son's heart and smash it into oblivion. He just wouldn't cope.
I so hope your son is coping OK. xxx

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Beautiful post. I think all mums feel this way about their boys. Life has a way of toughening up glass hearts.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.