Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fun or Feisty Frolics from a Former Freak...

In the spirit of Flog Ya Blog I thought it was time to lighten up the blogosphere around here. My serious side does take over when it is necessary, but let's face it, normally I am one slightly warped little puppy and I wouldn't want any *new friends* to get the wrong idea...

So I decided to introduce some Friday Fun!

In the bad old days Friday Fun consisted of tight short skirts, stilettos, big hair and lots of alcohol. If you have been around a while you'll know some of my dark past from my prior blogs such as  this Memoir Monday or I used to be a Rock Chick, and how much life is left in the old girl from Madmother: Queen of the Roller Derby. But for the latest arrivals, looking at recent blog posts may mislead you and leave you thinking that this is a very serious, sombre blog. I am here to tell you it is not. Most days. Don't get me wrong, I'm as capable of jumping up and down on my little soapbox as the next guy, it is just not COMPLETELY about me and my causes.

Friday fun nowadays means cracking a sweetly chilled light white, kicking off the shoes and letting the woes of the world wash away with some bitchy tv watching such as Airways or Americas Next Top Model. If I manage to track down True Beauty then even better (nasty boys and girls getting their comeuppance - gotta love some virtual bitch slapping). All in good fun, of course. Not to feed my inner bitch... no, not me.

So stick around, read through my old posts (there is plenty of material, will keep you going for weeks if you want), would love to get some new faces in my followers too. Pour yourself a glass and we'll raise a virtual toast. To all the wild women of blogging world...write on! Am off to search out all your dark secrets now.

Oh, and Jen, thanks for the award, will be back to pass it on over the weekend.


Epskee said...

OH C'MON!!!!

Tell the truth! Your a whingy whiny bitch with no sense of humor, cant get a laugh if you tried, and sit there in your dark grey room with your coke-bottle glasses on, correcting bloggers' spelling mistakes and have no fiends!

You are SUCH a gloom and doom blogger that your seriousness scares us all!

(and you can't even say I'm not telling the truth, because YOU gave me an award for "telling it as it is" so ner-ner-ner!!

*cackles hysterically*

Madmother said...

I think the cackle is what worries most about your comment mate!

And you know you love me - we always need boring as bat shit friends in coke bottle glasses to make us feel better about ourselves. *wink*

kbxmas said...

Ooh. Madness, flogging, dark secrets, wine and bare-breasted women chanting at the moon. Am intrigued and will follow. You can find me over at Wanderlust (emphasis on the lust) where it's still Friday for us under-achievers east of the date line.