Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tell It Like It Is Award - the Second Ceremony. WARNING - NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED!

I think a quick refresher about this unique award and the rules governing it is in order before I bestow it onto my newly chosen recipients. So use this link, go read up peoples... I'll wait. I may be sleep-deprived but I am patient. Sometimes.

And now, *drum roll*, let the ceremonies begin...

There are two worthy nominees, and as with the preceeding award celebrations this means two winners:

Travis at I Like To Fish

Travis is a new find, thanks to Alex and a few other bloggers and  Alex is a welcome return to the blogging world. Both straight-shooters, tell no crap sorta bloggers.
Hope you both agree to receive this award in the tone it is given.

Rules are:

1.This award is for the straight-shooters. The "tell it to someone who gives a fuck" bloggers who don't let the ignorant minority dictate to them. As a certain commenter from my last post put it (and something a dear friend called me a few years back) the ones who call a spade a fucking shovel!

2.The recipients of the award (and I hesitiate to use the word winners as it is not some type of lame-arsed competition, it is merely a show of appreciation for the blogger who doesn't pretty up the harsh realities) do NOT have to pass it on! If you wish to, great! Means I get to find some new no-bullshit blogs. If not, meh, not my problem.

3.This is not to be passed on to anyone who cannot handle the heat. You know, the bloggers who post one controversial topic, get blasted, and so delete it whilst whining "youse are all bitches" under their breath. If you write it, own it! Note: exception to this rule is if you post something in anger which hurts those you love. Not anonymous, faceless bloggers or followers, but someone you genuinely care for, and realise later when you have calmed that it was not acceptable to blog about. We have all done this at one time or another.

4.This award is not to be awarded for just being nasty! It is for those blunt, honest, sometimes brutal bloggers who post from passion, not spite.

5.Link me! After all I am an attention seeking bitch according to some...



Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

NICE!! I LIKE it! Congrats on your outstanding award!!

Karls said...

Sounds like my kind of award!

I've heard a shitload of this 'Whoa Mumma' might have to go check her out for meself.

Mad Woman said...

I love that you're still giving out this award. It is by far my fave. Ever. Ever ever. :)

Epskee said...

You need to make it a rule that they have to pass it on to like....FIFTY BLOGGERS!!!

We need more straight shooters around the blogosphere. I want me some more spades.....

Alex said...

Ooooh, that is gold! I have so many bloggy buddies who tell it like it is.

That's definitely going into the pool room!

And Karls, check my crap out, I am cool.


Madmother said...

Epskee - you do realise you were one of the inaugural awardees, didn't you?

Go look at the link mate...

Glad you peeps approve, lol.

Heather said...

an attention seeking bitch with a pretty cool award, though.

Travis said...

Heyyyoooo! I got an award!

For sure though, I can't see it right now. The school internet is blocking it.

The first amendment violatin fuckers.

Anyway, thanks for the award I can't see, and when I get home it will be proudly displayed on my blog!