Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Nearly every week I join in a blog hop known as weekend rewind. It is held over at a little shack known as the Pink Fibro. But I must admit I am a bit slack, merely linking up an old blog post and not posting about the linky!

I'm also having a little trouble remembering which ones I have already linked, lol. So I'm posting today to not only promote the Weekend Rewind Blog Hop, but also to give myself a reference point for past posts linked... So here goes. This week the theme is quite simple: link one of your favourite past posts.
This is it:
I can look back now and truly appreciate how fragile he was back then, and how heat-forged strong he is now. I am sure there are frailties waiting to show, that we will dip down into darkness, but right here, right now he is dragonfly bright. And looking back makes us grateful for where we are now.

And more for me than anyone else, the past linked posts have been:
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