Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Look Out Angelina Jolie - NOT!

Today I am performing my pustulated Angelina impersonation.

Not this:

But this:

Yep, you guessed it. The dreaded Herpes Simplex I virus. Cold sores. Two of the mothers. I have a big one on the left side of my upper lip, and the monster to end all cold sores in the middle of my lower lip. The bottom one has also led to the gland under my chin becoming like a rock hard infected pea. Last time this happened I ended up on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics to clear up the secondary infection.

These things not only hurt like hell (Big Boy had had to forcefully pursuade me not to get a razor blade and lop off the affected parts), they make you look like shit too. Small children run screaming, family members wince and cringe when you approach, even dogs bark at you like you are some srt of vile monstrousity.

I know I have been running like a madwoman, sadly, that is life at the moment, but I suspect the party weekend we just had may have topped it all off and my immune system, led by a very distressed liver has gone: "ENOUGH!"

But did it really have to go to these extremes?

Not happy Jan.

And yes, I feel like crap, just in case you were wondering...

#cough*cough# %hack*hack%


Sarah Mac said...

Poor you, sounds miserable :( hope you feel better soon!

Suzi said...

Ow! You poor thing, I am lucky enough to not get coldsores but I do get mouth ulcers, I have approx 7 at the moment (also with the cough cough)and they are making my jaw hurt. I hope they clear up quickly for you!

Ratz said...

Oh MM. This plain sucks. Hope you get better soon. xo

Kimmie said...



Tracy said...

You poor thing, I get them all the time & they are vile. Those Compeed patches are actually really good, they not only clear it up faster but they definately reduce the pain.

Leanne said...

Oh no!! Feeling for you MM.