Saturday, June 4, 2011

There Are Angels Among Us....

Sent to us for a short time, but their impact will be felt forever more.

I have learnt from them. They have taught me it is possible to love and cherish and admire and grieve for someone you have never met in real life.

I have followed their and their families' stories. I have laughed, cried alongside them with many others and felt so incredibly useless and frustrated by the events that shaped their lives.

I mourn for them as I would anyone I care so much for.

And yet we have never spoken.

RIP Bryce Henry, you amazing, brave, wonderful boy.

And Toukie - you are and always will be embedded in my heart.

Life is not always fair, and the truly special suffer too much and are taken far too soon sometimes. But know these two angels have affected thousands of people, and changed so many lives.

Never take for granted what you have.

Never forget to be grateful for it all.


Wanderlust said...

Wow. Well said. And so very sad. Makes me want to go hug my kids again after putting them to bed. xx

Leanne said...

Thanks for the reminder. Beautiful post MM.