Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Grateful: No Time To Blog.

Bit scary, and lucky I noticed, for the typo in my title said "No time to BOG"... Whoops! That could have been a whole different post, and *TMI* really, with the fast pace of life, quite apt.

My blogging has dropped off. Probably somewhat influenced by the Blogger issues, but these are not totally responsible. Nope, this thing called FUN is at fault.

Ah, it is hard to be the mountain socialite!

Great week - very grateful for this lack of time!

My gorgeous friend Lisa - great night last night!

Sharon and me - Melbourne trip.


Kakka said...

Lovely pic MM, I always enjoy seeing your smiling face. Life should get in the way of blogging, well that's my opinion anyway, and I too have been much less active here.

Have a great weekend, it is a long one here in Perth so we will be blissed out with an extra day of NOT WORKING. xxx

Alice Becomes said...

having fun is a great reason not to blog! would have loved to see that post title, at least you managed to pick it up, i have sent out some shockers before realizing my terrible mistake

Gill xo

Karls said...

Get out there and soak up the mountain social life! Nothing like some fresh, crisp winter air to be grateful you've lived to see another day!

E. said...

Oi, How can I live vicarously through you if you are too busy living life to blog it? Huh? Tell me that. LOL.

You look happy in the pics so being a socialite must agree with you. Enjoy.

Maxabella said...

No time to bog - ROFL!

Anyway, I'm busy like you so I get it. It's kinda good that we are too busy living the actual life to write a post about it, no? I miss it, though, I really do.