Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yaysayers Vs Naysayers

Wow, embarking on this publishing lark is certainly an eye-opener.

There are those who want to help; hell, they are helping! Each little bit of advice, support, guidance is so appreciated, be it a link, an experience or just a good on ya Boy 1.

I love that others are honest about the trails and tribulations, the rejection, the struggles, the "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T DO THIS!" tales. It ALL helps me help him. I never said it was going to be easy, I said this was an experience I wanted him to have. Another learning curve of life.

BUT, you know what?

It does not help when someone goes "Bah, good luck, my friend so and so has been trying to get published for ten years..."

"You are kidding yourself, why are you bothering?"

"What sort of a book could a kid write, I could write better than that!"

Firstly, read it before you make stupid comment, dipshit. And from the things I have read of yours and your lack of a grasp of the English language, ah no, you couldn't!

Secondly, I am bothering because I have taught my children if you want to do something give it your all. If it doesn't succeed, then the success is in the experience.

And thirdly, I do not know your friend or what she has written, I know my son and I believe in what he is trying to do. Oh, and as you are a close friend, don't you think a "Wow, what a great thing to try. Isn't it amazing how far he has come" would be more appropriate? Considering you have known him since birth and you teach kids on the spectrum? Seriously, how miserable a person are you? Really. really sad comment.

I have come to the conclusion it is like dieting. Never mention the word to some people because all they will do is ridicule the idea and belittle your ideas whilst pushing you to have the large slice of chocolate cake.

Okay. Rant over. Feel better now.


jo said...

Strong words love, I understand your frustration.
It really is the spectrum of human nature though, take it with a few drops of 'that's just your opinion' dilution and a generous helping of 'illegitemi non carborundum' or in plain english - don't let the bastards grind you down.
I've been copping criticism all my life but figure it goes with the territory of creation. I never, ever let it stop me. Go get 'em!!!

Alex said...

I think some people are so shallow and insecure that the thought of another person succeeding where they have failed scares them sh*tless.

Keep going, you and the boy are amazeballs. XX

Tracy said...

I think what y our son is doing is fantastic and I wish him all the success with it. There will always be people who are negative, try to ignore them & focus on the ones who offer encouragement & positivity.

Anonymous said...

Bugger them T, I bet the book is going to be fantastic.I for one will be proud to own a copy of his fine work.Keep the faith, your son has inspired our son to use his creative side again, it was falling by the wayside.Love to you all up the top of the mountain.Belinda

Anonymous said...

I don't know Jo (above) but I like the way she thinks.

Who better to write a book for younger kids about aspergers but another one who knows what they're going through - who has been there, done that. It would also help others to understand about aspergers.

I've no practical help to give you both but I'll be your on your cheer squad. Go get 'em! Cathy.

Leanne said...

I hate those naysayers! But I feel sorry for them more than I hate them. I have had a few. But then I look at them and think "do they have what I want?" The answer of course is no. They are usually stuck in some sort of default position while I am striving forward. So when they say that stuff MM say "do they have what I want?" "Have they achieved what we are setting out to achieve?" And if the answer is NO, then they are not qualified to give you advice. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but i suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!