Friday, December 24, 2010

An ASD Night Before Christmas...

You all the know the old version, so here is the Madmother reworked one:

An ASD Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the home
Not a meltdown had happened, not even a moan;

The stockings were hung wherever they could,
In hopes that old Santa would soon hit our ‘hood;

The children both nestled like angels asleep,
As I sat exhausted, having a weep;

The year almost over, appointments all run,
Therapies halted, routine now undone.

For most ‘tis the season for all to be jolly,
In an ASD house to lose order is folly.

And so as I sat, wiped the tears from my face,
I knew that for morning I must myself brace.

He had made me happy, with his pixie-ish glee
The evening was joyous, as the Eve just should be

But tomorrow his senses would hit overload,
And a Christmas Day meltdown was sure to explode.

Lost in my thoughts, stiff drink by my side,
A sudden strange noise drew attention outside.

I walked to the door filled with visions of drunks,
Flung it wide open expecting some punks.

Imagine my shock, when to my surprise
There stood old Saint Nick before tired eyes!

I rubbed them quite hard, then I rubbed them again
As he held out his gloved hand, said “Hello friend”

In shock I did shake it, invited him in
And asked if he wanted some of my Gin?

“No, right now you need it a lot more than myself."
I downed it, surrendered the glass to his elf.

Resplendent in red suit, white beard down his front.
The lounge creaking loudly, he sat with a grunt.

His elf dropped beside him, the sack at his feet
My jaw still hung open, in sheer disbelief

He had a broad face and a big round belly,
That shook, as he spoke, like a bag full of jelly.

“I wanted to drop by in person tonight
Accept my apologies for the sudden fright.

I usually come in when you are all asleep,
To check on the children and spread magic to keep

You all happy and safe and sound for the year
But I have this letter that you need to hear.”

From his red pocket, he pulled out a sheet
All crumpled and wrinkled and covered in sleet.

He unfolded it carefully, well-read as it was,
Pulled out his spectacles, placed onto nose.

He cleared his dry throat and then lowered his chin,
“Dear Santa, well that’s same way they all do begin,
How are you, ready for Christmas this year?
I tried to be good, but wasn’t real good I fear.
My name is Boy 1, I have ASD
Things get quite hard when you have to be me.
See, my Mummy she loves me just as I am
She saves me from falling and tells me I can
Do anything I want, in this great world of mine
She works hard to assist me and allows me to shine.
But she gets quite tired and cries sometimes too
So I have a big favour to ask just of you.
This Christmas please don’t bring me any new stuff,
Mummy, she makes sure I've more than enough.
This Christmas I don’t want my Mum to be sad
So can you please help me to stop acting bad.
I know it is hard when she sees all my fears
So, could you please help me to stop screams and tears?
I know you can do it, I do really believe
In the magic of Christmas, so please could you? Please?
I will do my best to be good next year too,
Oh and I’ve left out some milk and cookies for you.”

He folded it back up, mopped the tears from my cheeks
“You must truly be proud, that boy is unique.

I’ve had tons of letters, is it a million or ten?
But not one of the others I brought back to them.

I think he has granted your one real Christmas wish,
So I will bid you adieu and a very Merry Christmas.”

With that he turned, without a sound he was gone
Leaving me here filled with hope and so strong.

So believe in the magic, when nothing feels right


"Happy Christmas to all,
and to all a good-night."

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may 2011 mark the best of yet to come.


Karen Whittal said...

What a beautiful poem, even if tongue in cheek, my daughter is 27 and the first time she thanked me for how I raised her was at 19 when she was doing child psycology and worked in a child's care centre for 6 months, as long as we do the best we can no one can ask or expect more.

Kakka said...

Wiping tears from my cheeks, wishing Boy 1's wish to come true, merry christmas to all of you xxxx

Aussie-waffler said...

Just amazing. I hope you all have a truly wonderful Christmas, you have touched my heart, you really have :) Xxxx

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Merry Christmas to you all. Big love to you and your lovely family. Amazing MM, well done.

Ro said...

Hope your Christmas was merry and thank you for sharing that fabulous poem, MM :)

Kellyansapansa said...

Aww, that's just gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to visiting far more frequently in 2011! xx

Jen said...

That is so beautiful MM. I hope the Christmas wish came true. If only I'd read this Christmas eve I would have been prepared for our Christmas night meltdown *sigh*.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

LOVED it! I hope your Christmas was fabulous.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

Renee said...

Just came across this via Digital Parents. Thank you - it's beautiful *wiping tears*. I hope you don't mind if I share the link.

Madmother said...

I don't mind at all.

It is a year ago I wrote this but it is still so very true.

My sons both inspire me every day, the AS young man and the NT boy.