Monday, June 6, 2011

Yours, Mine or Open Slather?

Two Blogs I follow have had their identity, well, cloned I guess... Not purposely or maliciously, but still.

I have been under the Madmother name for over a decade of online personaing, and must admit get peeved when I see another using it. But I have never had to face a real blog dilemma regarding it, hell, who'd wanna imitate me?

But two of my faves, Alex at Whoa-Mumma, and Megan at Writing Out Loud, both have doppelgangers and I must admit it gets up my nose so how must they feel about it? I mean, there is so much talk at the moment about building your identity and branding, what about when you do all that only to find a conflict? Seriously, I would be pissed if it were me.

What about you - any doubles out there lurking waiting to usurp your life?


Kakka said...

Doesn't blogger stop that happening? I know with my other blog I had to try a few versions before it would accept it. Maybe it is wordpress that lets it happen?

I think whoever came first should keep the name and the other person change theirs.

My daughter has not had her name stolen but quite a few of her ideas, have been borrowed literally word for word. It seems that if you live in another State or another country you can do what you like without fear of retribution.

Leanne said...

Don't think I have a copy cat. But maybe I'm not worth copying (sob)

Alex said...

It seriously freaked me out when you showed me that blog!
I didn't think I actually cared about my blog identity until I saw somebody else with the same name (different spelling, different url). It made me wonder if I should take the next step and secure my blogging identity.

I'm not trying to take over the world with my blog, (I blog on and off when the mood strikes me) but I'd hate to be confused with or usurped by a newbie with my name!!!!