Friday, May 28, 2010


Am here. Pulling myself slowly upwards towards the light. Clawing my way out of the darkness. It was wonderful to have time with family on Monday, but so sad it was to say farewell to someone so beloved. On our return we attended another funeral, one of my best friend's fathers passed on Saturday. A sad week, all in all.

And as for DERBY training last night? Pfft. You can read of my piss-weak effort on the hellion blog. Just follow the link.

I still have not been into the school, am hoping to make myself go in next week. Just pray I have the strength and can avoid any small talk. Really do not want to see any of the toxic teamsters. Wish they had a mark to show if they have been tainted. I also want to thank you all for being so supportive over the last few weeks, it does mean a lot and I am sorry if I did not acknowledge that, I was finding it hard to keep breathing let alone interact.

I also have realised I have some beautiful irl friends too, two in particular who I know read this. Thank you. In some small part of my scorched heart you gave me hope.

And now, I am hoping this is the last I need to talk about any of this for quite a while. Cannot promise, but I can only try to get this blog back to what it was about.

Lost 1 follower this week, probably bored them to death with my whining, self-focused dribble. And on that note, a question? Are there any Muse Wars running at the moment? I know Melissa had a flash, but it seemed all the regular rascals were awol. Are we up for it again? Ladies? Kakka, it was your turn to post a pic, wasn't it? Would welcome the distraction at the moment. Might just kick start me back into blogdom.


Lisa said...

What's a muse war?

Wanderlust said...

Muse Wars is over on Ratz's blog, saw it earlier today. Welcome back.

Ro said...

Heya, chickybabe, mwah xxx.
Looks like we've both been dragged through a hedge backwards by crappy life of late.
(((hugs))) Hope you begin to heal soon xxxxx

Mad Woman said...

Girl, I am so glad that you're still around. I have been lame at getting around to visit you often enough..and definitely a suck meister at commenting..but I am here!

Kakka said...

Hey MM - welcome back. Yes I am due to start another Muse Wars but was waiting until everyone had a break. Leave it with me and I will find a pic and post this weekend. Love you heaps. xxx

Thea said...

Sounds like the fog is clearing!!