Saturday, May 1, 2010

Awards - Blog Love Even when I am a Bad Madmother...

Still on the housekeeping, bad, bad me trail... I have a *few* awards that I have been remiss in accepting, acknowledging, passing on.

Bad Madmother, bad, bad, naughty Madmother!

And as usual, I will probably forget some... Really, I am not worthy and as such a slackarse maybe you should consider me an ungrateful wench to whom no awards nor meme's be passed.

So working back again from latest to oldest I will start with this one:

The gorgeous kakka @ The Half Full Glass saw fit to bestow The Sunshine Award to me a little while ago (thanks sweets).

 I apparently need to list a few things that make me happy. Let's see. My two boys. Oh, my two boys, and of course my two boys.

Yes, they are a *little older, bigger, maybe even wiser now than here.

My wonderful husband, Big Boy, who I still love deeply even nearly twenty years down the track, who won't let me post photos. Honestly, he is such a tolerant, supportive man and I am blessed to be growing old with him.

My beautiful mother, Wise Woman, about whom I will be doing a post over the weekend, continuing my fuzzy five family posts of which I only completed three.

The wonderous part of the world in which we reside.

The incredible generousity of spirit of the women in my life, on the web, and in person and those who are flowing between both.

And as for passing it on - I was going to follow my previous post and bestow it freely on those willing to accept, but I have to give it to one person in particular.

Ro, over at Get Over It... I Did. A newish friend, and one whose posts make me laugh, cry, and wish I had her talent with the written word (envy is the term methinks). I felt like I knew her immediately. You know, that loud *click* you sometimes get upon meeting someone, and you just know you are going to be friends. Her blog is one I read and go: "Hell, yeah. That's what I meant to say!"

This wonderful woman rang me last night. She was concerned because of the tone of my blog posts of late. Now, I have a confession, one I made to her last night.

Whilst the previous week or so prior to this one, had been hellish in ASDland, this week was bad for another reason. My lack of sleep. It is still linked into Boy 1 somewhat, as it was due to him suffering nightmares and coming down to me seven nights in a row. I don't normally mind, but find I do not go back to sleep usually. So from anywhere onwards of 2am, I was awake. I finally put my foot down (as it was obvious he was playing on it and happy to be in my bed), but that night Boy 2 suffered the same. Not his fault, and as he so rarely has the issue, there was no way I was telling him to go back to his own bed.  So night eight was a no catch up night. By this time it was Wednesday of last week. The next two nights, well, I had lost the ability to sleep.

No sleep = no cope. No Blog. No rationality.

But, it was a wonderful surprise when the phone rang last night and a bemused, confused Big Boy hands it over going: "It's Ro, from Melbourne?"

As sleep deprived as I was it was a fantastic surprise! And (I think) the start of a really good friendship. We talked, it felt as though we HAD known each other for years.

And last night I slept the sleep of the dead. All the nights of insomnia gone, *poof*. And I put it down to you Ro. Your lovely generous heart, reaching out to a stranger, taking a risk and extending the hand of friendship and empathy.

I cannot write this as well as you would, but thank you my friend. It meant a lot. And so The Sunshine Award goes to you.

Awwww, hell. Now I've spoilt my bad girl reputation, haven't I?


Ratz said...

Awwww.... She really deserves this award.

Wanderlust said...

Yay for good bloggy friends!! And sleep!! And hell, we knew you were a softy anyway.

So hey, where exactly is this South Wing you speak of?

Christie said...

Awww...I don't know why, but that was a tear jerker. I'm so glad Ro was there for you :)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Love your blog, came here via Wanderlust. I have written a review on my Blogger's Cafe, you can see it here:
it will be permanently listed in Library One - Mom's Blogs.

Hope you enjoy it.


Kim Thompson said...

What a cool community you all have crafted. It's fun to read/watch. Thanks for that. Wonderful post.

Oh, and I like that word "slackarse."

Kim Thompson said...

Oh yeah and those boys are darling.

*Katie* said...

How wonderful!! Bloggy friends are the best!!

Ro said...

Thank you!
See, I've been a slackarse myself and just around to reading of your lovely award to me today *blush*.
I loved chatting with you,and yes, it was a 'click' with me, too ! :)