Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Just had THE Best Morning!

Don't you love it when you meet someone for the first time in a crossover from blog world to real life and you just click?

I do, we did, and I had
*Sigh* - just so sorry the time flew by so very, very fast. And I know Leanne was very grateful not to be sold to the white slave traders. Thanks for a wonderful catch up my friend, so very glad to be able to call you such.

Photo stolen from DFF. 'Cause it's me and her so I can. And yes, this is our view from our house.

Pssst - And remember us plebs when you are a rich and famous author, m'kay?


Megan Blandford said...

How wonderful!

Thanks so much for your supportive comment on my blog, too. x

Leanne said...

Oh Mad Mother, my sentiments exactly! We just clicked. So much so that with every story we had to tell or every comment we wanted to make we kept going off on tangents and never finishing a stream because we could totally relate and had our own stories to tell. We could have gone on for hours. I was feeling a bit flat by the end having to leave ... it felt too short. Thanks for your great hospitality and for sharing your family and your beautiful and very picturesque lifestyle. I look forward to our next get together when I buy you lunch :) Or perhaps you could house me for a night when I fly up for a book launch?

Madmother said...

Done! Maybe we could convince Jen and E to come up too! Plenty of room, especially once the garage sale is over! I'll have so many decluttered rooms I'll get lost!

Madmother said...

Oh, and Megan, you are welcome but it was all true. You have done a great justice for a lot of women with that post.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Best bit is when blog world becomes real world and you make a connection that would otherwise never have happened :)

Jen said...

Love this photo of you both and the post (I thought I left a comment here before). Give meca little notice and I'll try to wing it :). (ps, I emailed you a few days ago and am worried it either got lost in the cyberwebs or I totally freaked you out with my tired over detailed email :p)