Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just like the Ad.

You know the one.

Male voice over: “Suddenly”

Dad with young baby: “You’re here”

Mother with baby: “Here”

Mother feeding toddler: “Here”

Mother running with child on grass: “Here”

Dad with child and dog on beach: “Here”

Children in water park: “Here”

Young teenagers lying on grass: “Here”

Group of teenagers at formal: “We’re here!”

Male voice over: “Then suddenly, you’re not here”

Part of the Queensland "Here for Life" campaign. (Really powerful, go look)

Maybe my lack of comments on the blogs I regularly visit has not been missed. Maybe I am just full of my own self-importance but have not been noticed as gone. But if some of you did here's why.

I did not chuck a YAAB tanty, I did not decide certain posts were not worthy...

DISQUS chewed me up and spat me out AGAIN! This time it was nearly two months of not being able to comment AT ALL on these blogs. I was at the point of deleting a lot of them from my blog list and then:

the fat pink DISQUS fairy Godmother decided to be magnanimous and allow me commenting priviledges once more. Why? God only knows, because I sure as hell don't.
I'm telling ya -  this is one annoying fairy to piss off!

Spoke too soon - Caitlyn, cannot comment on your blog! ARRGGGGGGGGGH! Knew I shouldn't a posted her photo, that friggin' fairy is so damn easy to piss off!

Here we go again... *sigh*.


Suzi said...

Gee thanks Madmother, I saw that picture and spat tea all over the keyboard!
The ad sounds powerful, must look it up as I dont have a TV.
Good luck, hope the Disqus fairy plays nice for you!

E. said...

I'm lucky as I don't use Disquis on my blog so I get to read your comments often!

Disquis goes through phases of hating me too. At the moment it likes me.

I'm not sure I can put it down to anything except I ran a virus scan and it decided all my cookies were a possible threat or somethign so I deleted all my browers history and cookies and Disquis liked me again some time after that. Could have just been a co-incidence though.