Monday, May 30, 2011

Snowtime in Queensland... Sorta.

We've just had a hailstorm up here. Twenty minutes of hail thrashing down, surrounding our house, bombarding our yard.

The end result? Snow emulation!

See for yourself:

Well? Close enough, eh?


Kimmie said...

WOW where in Qld are you lovey?
We are in Brissy nothing here as yet!

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Oooooo. COOL {Hahaha! Cool. Get it!?}. We had a little hail this afternoon. And I was like, WHAT!, that's weird.

Queensland. The weirdo.

Madmother said...

Gold Coast hinterland, lol.

Thea said...


We had teeny tiny hail yesterday, too. My kids were so excited, they couldn't remember the last time it hailed.

Hope you didn't have any damage.

Leanne said...

Close enough!!!

Madmother said...

Nope, no damage just frozen tits dropping off. Dang cold - still!