Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me & Nie...

Remember how the kids when younger would get over-tired and then you had to battle them down into dreamland? Yeah, that was me last night. Well and truly past the point of exhaustion after a multiple of sleep interrupted nights. Broken - a perfect term in relation to sleep-deprivation - no wonder it was a form of torture years ago. Finally, around 11pm after laying in bed for 2 hours, I began to doze.

Only to be brutally snapped back into wakefulness by a series of loud thumps and bangs from the room of Boy 1. Right above my room. At that point I would have happily thumped and banged him around the room, but being the Mum, instead settled for stomping up the stairs (by this point he had awoken Boy 2 in his room also) to yell at him.

Return back to bed to begin the process again, by this time totally wired. Turn on the television. Search for something to lull me into slumber.

11.30pm, I stumble upon the American show: 20/20. And there she is, NieNie. Now I have read NieNie on and off for a couple of years. See the blue typewriter button over there ->
yeah, that links to her blog. It's been on my sidebar since just after the first post. This is another:

I also e-mailed her many moons back, she probably thought I was a crazed stalker, but her story had inspired me so, and we also share something personal.  No, I'm not telling.

NieNie is Stephanie who was in an horrific plane crash in August 2008 with her husband. They were both severely injured and the prognosis was critical with little chance of survival. NieNie was severely burnt, in her words she still is: Returning from a near-fatal airplane crash, burned 80% of my body, and will have surgeries for the rest of my life. Probably. But I am alive. A brave, brave inspirational woman

So, there I am last night, near mad with lack of sleep, frantically looking for something to numb my brain and instead I find the story of my cyber-friend. Of course I sat up and watched it all. Of course I cried. Of course she inspired me once more with her wonderful spirit.

Sleep deprivation, bah, no biggie. Truly think it was divine providence, and I was meant to watch it.

Do you read Nie Nie?


cjtato said...

I do! I do! But I haven't read hers or quite a few others for a while. Sorry I missed it actually.

But now I'm curious about what it is that you share! hahahaha

Suzi said...

Wow. She sounds very inspirational! I will go and have a look at her blog.

Leanne said...

I just got tingles! I haven't read her, but is it possible she was on Oprah or something? I seem to recall something similar and a truly inspirational woman loving that she was alive. A truly joyful spirit. I love that. It warms my heart, makes me cry tears of pride, and gives me the thumbs up to continue on my path of helping people find their joy and purpose. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the songs over there. If I log on at sparrows fart it scares the crap out of me, but during afternoon tea it is quite delightful.